A pregnant migrant worker from Chattisgarh was forced to deliver her baby on the road in Telangana's Medak district on Tuesday, May 5.

Anitha Bai was travelling with her family and other migrant workers along National Highway 44 to reach back her home state.

migrant worker delivers baby on roadside

The pregnant woman with her husband was walking from Sangareddy district in Telangana her native village Rajnandgaon in Chhattisgarh by foot when she started experiencing labour pains.

Migrant workers deliver a baby on roadside

As no vehicle or medical support was available for the woman then, her husband, along with another lady accompanying them helped Anitha deliver the baby by the roadside. The local sub-inspector was informed of the incident by some locals, who then arranged an ambulance thus shifting both mother and child to the nearby hospital.

The mother and the baby are healthy, reported the medical staff at the government hospital in Ramayanpet of Medak district. They will be later shifted to a better health facility for further treatments and care.

"After receiving a call about the incident, the sub-inspector arranged an ambulance and both the woman and the new-born were shifted to hospital. Both of them are safe," said Nagarjuna Goud, Ramayampet Circle Inspector. The pregnant lady had been walking over 70 km with her husband as part of their journey to return home.

Special trains for workers

The Telangana government has meanwhile announced on the service of 40 special trains from the state every day over the next week to send migrant workers in the state back to their respective states.

Migrant workers
Migrant workers

Most of the migrant workers stranded across the country have been facing a lot of crisis since the implementation of the nation-wide lockdown.

The daily wage earners have left astray with no proper salary, food and water and are now also restricted from travelling back to their homelands. States like Karnataka have cancelled the Shramik trains that ferry the stranded migrant workers in the state back to their natives.

The decision was taken by the state government after the Chief Minister's meeting with the employers and construction builders who demanded on the stay back of the workers amid the lockdown crisis.