The coronavirus lockdown has brought about several changes, be it buying, spending money, prioritising things, or the mindset towards working from home. One of the most significant changes that we see due to the lockdown is the buying behaviour of many Indians.

A survey, which was carried out by Enormous Brands, stated that people no longer ask for freebies like 'dhania and mirchi' with their veggies. The survey was carried out at major cities across India like Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, and Ahmedabad.

Spices on sale at a shop in Khari Baoli whole sale market near Chandni Chowk, in New Delhi.IANS

This study was conducted to help brands understand how the current situation is moulding the habits, behaviour, and attitudes of Indians.

Survey takes feedback from 3,737 respondents in cities

The web-based survey, conducted between March 30 and April 22, took feedback from 3,737 respondents in cities. Another interesting trend, which caught everyone's eye, was a sharp increase in the adoption of digital technology by older people for ordering their daily grocery needs. They are using digital wallets for paying for these things. The study also found that COVID–19 has helped in forming an opinion for pushing the 'Make in India' agenda with people opting for Indian-made goods, with 42 per cent believing that "there is an active and deliberate attempt by China" to give a massive push to its economy.

According to the survey, "The stay-at-home mandate has changed the behavior and attitudes of many Indians. Indians who were born and brought up asking for 'dhaniya' or 'mirchi' free from the vegetable vendors are now buying vegetables and other consumables without asking the prices. Stay-at-home orders have thus caused visible major shifts in people's behavior."

The penny pinching and value-conscious Indian mentality has taken a back seat. The survey added that, "The banks have been promoting internet banking for over a decade, in just the last month the data suggest that first time users have increased by 28 per cent. The maximum shift of 33 per cent is among the (elderly) age group."

Commenting on the findings, Enormous Brands Managing Partner Ajay Verma said, that Indians seem to be very positive even during the crisis situation. The study suggests a high level of optimism even as the entire world is in lockdown and also households are feeling confident about the revival of the Indian economy.