Luis Suarez. (Photo: Reuters)
Luis SuarezReuters

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has spoken of Luis Suarez transfer saga that revolves around a clause in the player's Liverpool contract.

Arsenal have lodged a £40million and one pound bid for the Uruguayan striker, believing that the offer would trigger a release clause but Liverpool have denied such a clause exists, while Suarez maintains that the club promised he could leave if such a bid is received.

"At the moment the situation is on standby," Wenger told Al-Jazeera Sport. "I heard that [Suarez could seek legal action over the contract dispute], but this is sometimes linked with things that you don't know as a potential buyer."

For his part, Wenger seems content to wait and let the player and his current club resolve the issue.

"That is the story between Suarez and Liverpool and I don't know what has been said, what has been promised and what has been written and that is only Suarez and Liverpool that can decide that," Wenger explained.

Suarez seems intent on leaving the club and Arsenal are keen to capitalise on the situation. Wenger believes that the current conflict has 'nothing to do' with his club.

"It is nothing to do with us," the French manager continued. "We have been told that the player wants to leave Liverpool and that is why we have acted. I really don't know what will be decided by Liverpool."

The Suarez transfer has been complicated as Arsenal are the only club interested in him. With Liverpool aspiring to qualify for the Champions League next season, the only club they can realistically hope to replace from last season's top four is Arsenal.

With Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea already boasting formidable squads, it appears as though Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool will be left to battle over the last remaining Champions League position. If the Merseyside club were to sell arguably their best player to a direct rival, it would severely hamper their chances of making the top four.

The transfer hinges on the interpretation of the supposed release clause. Liverpool are adamant that the contract stipulations forces them to only inform Suarez of a bid higher than £40million. Suarez and his agent believe the club to be obliged to accept such a bid.