John Henry, Tom Werner and Kenny Dalglish. (Photo: Reuters)
John Henry, Tom Werner and Kenny Dalglish.Reuters

Liverpool's principal owner John Henry has put an end to speculation over Luis Suraez' possible move to Arsenal by insisting that the club will never sell their star player to a Premier League rival.

"We are not going to sell Luis. It's a football reason," Henry told the Telegraph. "It's not finances. At this point, so late in window, with everyone who's already moved or isn't moving, we do not have time to replace him."

Henry was keen to point out that his club are especially disinclined to sell to Arsenal.

"So for football reasons we can't and especially to Arsenal," he continued. "We've made that clear."

The Liverpool owner revealed that he has spoken to Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis about the matter.

"I have said to Ivan Gazidis in a personal conversation that we will not sell to Arsenal," Henry explained. "It is unequivocal, but that doesn't seem to slow them down so I can't wait to see what the next bid is."

Considering that Arsenal are the only team Liverpool can realistically replace from last season's top-four, Henry categorises selling to the London club as 'ludicrous'.

"We're not in Europe this year and have not been in the Champions League for a while," Henry said. "To sell to a rival for those Champions League positions, or one of them, would be ludicrous. Whatever the bid is, we won't sell him. We need Luis. Hopefully this will pass."

Arsenal had submitted a bid of £40million and £1 to activate a clause in Suarez' contract that obliges Liverpool to inform him of the bid. Henry is furious over Arsenal knowing the fine details of Liverpool players' contracts.

"It should have been confidential, so absolutely it concerns me," said Henry. "How does a club that doesn't have permission to speak with your player see his contract?

"Unfortunately, it's the way it works in football," he continued. "People don't speak about it publicly but that's the way it's run. It's how things are done. I don't think there's a point reporting Arsenal because it just seems to happen everywhere, throughout football."

If he is indeed staying, as appears to be the case, Suarez would need to mend his relationship with manager Brendan Rodgers, who was angered by the player's conduct in trying to earn himself a transfer.

"That's going to be between the manager and player," Henry weighed in on the situation. "The manager is upset, as he should be, the supporters are, Luis is, but that's going to be between those two and his team-mates. He's one of the best players in the world. I have no reason to believe he won't continue to be."

Henry also spoke of loyalty, or lack of it when concerning Suarez.

"If you look at the full context of what's happened here, it's jarring to all our supporters," he said. "The club has stood by him so strongly at a time you could question whether the club should have stood by him, but they did."

"There's a saying in baseball about loyalty to the uniform," Henry explained. "There's a ­certain feeling you get when you put on a uniform as a baseball player and I'm certain it's the same for most football players. When you put on the uniform it's pretty special. I'd imagine for most footballers to put on the uniform of Liverpool Football Club is a big moment."