Steven Gerrard
Gerrard and SuarezReuters

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has given striker Luis Suarez a word of advice ahead of his proposed moved to Arsenal.

The Uruguayan striker is intent on playing Champions League football next season and might switch to Arsenal in order to do so. Gerrard has urged his teammate to wait for Real Madrid or Barcelona and not make the transfer to London.

"If he was to go abroad to a Madrid or Barcelona I would totally understand it," Gerrard was quoted saying by Sky Sports. "He's a South American. He's good enough to play in either of those teams."

The England captain brings up former Liverpool players Javier Mascherano (now of Barcelona) and Xabi Alonso (now of Real Madrid) to illustrate his point.

"From a family point of view, it's where they all want to be," Gerrard continued. "Javier Mascherano, Xabi Alonso, some of the top players I've played with - their dream was to play for Real or Barcelona. If I was him I would wait for one of those two clubs because I think he's good enough to play for them."

Gerrard implores Suarez to refuse the Arsenal offer, as such a transfer would severely hamper Liverpool's ability to finish in the top four next season.

"It's difficult every season to finish in the top four positions because of the power the likes of Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United have got at the moment," Gerrard explained. "The likes of us, Tottenham and Arsenal are fighting to sneak into the other place that's available."

"Where we sit actually right now, it all depends on what decision Luis Suarez makes in the next few weeks," he continued. "If we lose him then the challenge becomes even more difficult. It's that simple."

The England international goes on to suggest that selling to Arsenal would be a foolish decision by the club.

"If he goes to Arsenal, it obviously makes our season that little bit more difficult," Gerrard said. "It strengthens them an awful lot and they are our rivals for a top-four position. From the club's point of view it doesn't make sense at all, no matter how much money is put on the table."