Steven Gerrard
Steven Gerrard obliged fans during Liverpool's preseason trip to the USReuters

After Liverpool forward Daniel Sturridge made an Indian fanatic of the English Premier League side an overnight star by tweeting pictures of his Liverpool tattooed arm, it was skipper Gerrard's turn to woo his fans in America.

The Liverpool captain, who is on tour in the US with his team for pre-eason frendlies, has been spotted spending quite some time with his fans.

A female fan on Monday was left overwhelmed and in tears after meeting and receiving a hug from her idol and had to be consoled by family and friends.

Another woman in New Jersey was lucky enough to get a kiss from the midfielder, who met fans to sign a few autographs, after the team's training session. The woman Kaitlin Cornell, who wed Ryan O'Donnell on Saturday, held out a sign that read 'Just married, Stevie, kiss me?' with the former England captain readily obliging.

"He was shaking everybody's hands, so I shook his hand and then he kissed my cheek," Kaitlin told Liverpool's official website. "I'd made the sign so he'd see it, so I couldn't believe it when he came over -- I was so excited.

"He shook hands with my husband first, so he had his blessing!

"We're due to go on our honeymoon at the end of August, but I think we can say tonight was our honeymoon watching our heroes training live."

Husband Ryan added with a smile: "She had a better time tonight than she did at the wedding! Steven is a legend. I was honoured he gave my wife a peck on the cheek."

Gerrard made for tabloid headlines last week after he announced his retirement from International football with one Vietnamese paper-"Viet Nan News", having mistaken him to be a part of Alaistair Cook's team. The headline read "Fans give retiring Gerrard fond farewell from cricket".

Meanwhile, midfielder Jordan Henderson believes new signing Dejan Lovren will have a major impact on this Liverpool side after completing his £20 million move from Southampton.