Liverpool Arsenal 5-1
The scoreboard is seen after Liverpool's massive victory over Arsenal in the English Premier League, 8 January. Reuters

An Arsenal fan reportedly stabbed a Liverpool supporter after a disagreement following the Liverpool vs Arsenal English Premier League game on Saturday.

Arsenal went down 5-1 to Liverpool at Anfield, and according to, a Kenyan national by the name of Anthony Mutethia was stabbed to death by an Arsenal fan, who the website states is named David Mwangi, with the police also confirming the man as the suspect.

The Kenyan police have apprehended the suspect's motorcycle, but the man is still reportedly absconding.

"He (Mutethia) died immediately after reaching Meru Level Five hospital and the assailant ran away but his motorcycle was taken to the police station by Makutano residents," Meru police chief Tom Odero was quoted as saying by

The incident took place at the Makutano Shopping Centre in Meru, and the matter escalated when the two argued following Arsenal's heavy loss with Mutethia reportedly unable to help himself from gloating over his side's massive victory.

Police declined to confirm the Arsenal vs Liverpool match and the subsequent result was the reason for the killing, and said they were investigating if there could have been another issue behind the stabbing.

This is not the first time that such incidents have taken place, with Kenyans known to be fanatical supporters of English football.

A Manchester United fan reportedly committed suicide after his team lost to Newcastle last year, while in 2009 an Arsenal fan hanged himself following a loss to Manchester United.