In a battle between ayurveda and allopathy, one hepatologist who has been vocal with his views against former's practices pays a hefty price. The famed "Liver Doctor" on X (formerly Twitter) was sued by Himalaya Wellness Corporation for posting "derogatory statements and materials" against the corporation's products. A Bengaluru civil court passed an ex-parte injunction order against Dr Cyriac Abby Philips, as a result of which the social media handle @theliverdr on X has been withheld globally.

The order was passed under Sector 151 of the Code of Civil Procedure 1908, which refrains the expert from tweeting, making or publishing, re-tweeting and republishing defamatory remarks against Himalaya Wellness Company or its products under Sector 79 of the Information Technology Act 2000.

The Himalaya Drug Company

The judgement noted that "there is a need to issue an ad-interim ex-parte injunction directing the party who is posting such materials to remove them at the earliest so as to minimise the damage caused to the person who is affected by such postings in any manner."

The next hearing is set for January 5, 2024.

"The Liver Doctor" on X is withheld; Himalaya sues hepatologist over derogatory remarks

Who is "The Liver Doctor"?

Famously referred to as the "Liver Doctor" on X, Dr Cyriac Abby Philips is a liver surgeon, hepatologist and scientist from Kerala. He regularly shares updates about treating his patients who suffer from complications arising due to the use of alternative medicines. He has been on X since 2019, with millions of followers who regularly interact with his posts.

His critical posts about homeopathy and ayurveda didn't spare the government's initiative, the Ministry of AYUSH.

Speaking to International Business Times on the subject of homeopathy, Dr Philips had said in March that: "Homeopathy is a pre-scientific era artefact and quackery that remains regulated on paper and never on the ground. Majority of Homeopathic formulations are diluted ingredients in alcohol base, some going up to 90%. Homeopaths are not supposed to use these concentrated formulations called "mother tinctures," but they do so to provide some effect (which usually end up being bad) in the patient because their classical ultra-diluted formulations make no sense. The question is not about regulating Homeopathy, it is about stopping complete public funding of Homeopathy and removing Homeopathic formulations from pharmacy shelves from across the country. That is the kind of regulation Homeopathy deserves because it never was and never will be a real healthcare practice. It is not medicine, but an extreme form of quackery."