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Can Roger Federer defeat Novak Djokovic for the 23rd time in his career?Reuters

Novak Djokovic played some outstanding tennis to reach the finals of the 2016 Australian Open, defeating Roger Federer in four sets. The score read 6-1, 6-2, 3-6 and 6-3.

The world number one, who has been in an incredible form for the last couple of years, produced one of his best performances to oust the Swiss ace, who looked helpless in the first two sets of the semifinal.

Djokovic dominated the game right from the start and looked on course to win the match in straight sets, but the former world number one took his game to another level to clinch the third set. Federer, who was trying his level best to take the match to the fifth set, despite his efforts, failed to do so as the Serbian proved to be too hot for the Swiss ace in the fourth set, which Djoker won 6-3.

With this victory, Djokovic, who is the defending champion, will face the winner of the other semifinal between Andy Murray and Milos Raonic for the title decider. 

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4:35: Djokovic serving for the match. Can Federer stop him? No, he cannot as the Serb produces an emphatic service game to clinch the set and the game, where Federer looked second best. The Serbian wins the match, 6-1, 6-2, 3-6 and 6-3.

4:33: The all important service game for Federer, who can make it 4-4, can he?As I say that Djokovic comes with an incredible forehand to earn the first point. If that was not enough, he delivers a cross court shot to take a 0-30 lead. Mighty Federer comes back to make it 30-30, after a sweet shot down the line. Turning point? Djokovic returns well to help him win the game, leads 5-3

4:28:Djokovic delivers a perfect volley to take an important 30-15 lead, and follows it with a huge serve to earn another point 40-15. Djokovic leads, 4-3.

4:25: The crucial sixth game of the fourth set takes shape and the Serb takes first point and Federer comes back with a bang, 15-15. Federer is serving well at present, which has made it difficult for the Serb. However, Djokovic, who was giving nothing away in the first two sets, loses the game. 3-3, fourth set.

4:21: The Serb overpowers Federer from the baseline and takes 30-15 lead, follows it with a huge serve to make it, 40-15. Though Federer may be playing quality tennis, Djokovic is on a league of his own at the moment as he delivers a perfect ace to clinch the fifth game of the fourth set. Djokovic leads, 3-2

4:19: Serve and volley from Federer, who collects a huge point to take a 30-0 lead. Clinical performance from the Swiss, who wins the game easily. 2-2, fourth set.

4:17:Djokovic takes a healthy 30-0 lead with some strong service game, which has been consistent from the Serb.  However, the world number one takes the game and leads the set, 2-1.

Djokovic is not dominating like the way he did in the earlier phase of the match.

4:13: Pressure on Federer to hold serve. Can he? Djokovic earns the first point with an error from Federer. The Swiss is serving well as he comes up with an ace, takes 30-15 lead and delivers another one to take 40-30 lead and clinches the game. 1-1, fourth set

4:10: Djokovic to serve. The game is gradually turning on its heels as it seems, is it? The Serb is making some unforced errors. Federer has a lead of 15-30, and Djokovic knows the importance of the first game in the fourth set and draws it level, 30-30. Djokovic leads 1-0, fourth set

Djokovic, who despite playing a good game in the third set, lost the set. He will be keen to finish the match in the fourth set.

3:58: The roof at the Rod Laver Arena is shutting now.

3:52: Federer wins third set, but Djokovic still leads the match at two sets to one. Match scores at present - 1-6, 2-6, 3-2 in favour of Djokovic.

3:51: The game has become really interesting now. Federer and Djokovic are playing the same level of tennis and the Swiss is inching closer to take the third set, but the Serb comes with a forehand crosscourt, which is too hot for the Swiss to handle. However, the Swiss comes back and wins the game and the set, 6-3. 

3:47: Federer leads 5-3, Can he clinch the set now?

3:37: The Swiss has to check upon his unforced errors, which has been a major concern today. Rare double fault from Djokovic. Now the former world number one is making the Serb run all around the court. Wonderful volleys at the net helps Federer earn a point. Federer getting into the act. Djokovic comes back into the game and takes it to deuce. After a long deuce and advantage session, which witnessed quality plays including an incredible shot at the net from Federer, who finally gets two points on a row. Federer leads, 4-2, third set

Federer has surely looked a better player (rather taken his game to another level to compete against the Serb) as compared to the opening sets. This set has been his best so far.

3:23: Federer has surely taken his game to another level, as he takes a 30-0 lead in the game, but misses an easy volley. Djokovic comes back and makes it 30-30. What a shot by Djokovic to take 30-40 lead as the Serb plays a wonderful cross court shot. 40-40 after Federer hits a perfect smash. Federer leads, 3-2

3:19: Federer fails to capitalise on the second serve from Djokovic, who takes a 30-0 lead. The Serb follows it with an ace. Great service game. 2-2, third set.

3:17: Serve and volley from Federer, who follows it with a thumping forehand, 30-0. A cheeky try from Federer at the net, fails. The Swiss is playing well and Djokovic has been troubled of late. Federer leads, 2-1, third set.

3:15: The crowd is fully behind the Swiss, who needs to up his level to make a match of the semifinal. Federer is bringing it on as he comes forward and plays a lovely volley. Federer is gradually getting into the game now. The Swiss needs to control the game, too many unforced errors. 1-1, third set.

3:11: Federer to serve, set number three and the Swiss ace delivers an ace to get things going. The Swiss is playing serve and volley, however, Federer is looking second best from all position. Federer plays a brilliant forehand; can he do so on a regular basis? Federer takes the first game, leads 1-0.

3:06: Djokovic clinches second set, 6-2, and the Serb is just one set away from a place in the finals of the Australian Open.

Djokovic, who comes up with another brilliant service games, clichés the second set with the score reading 6-2. It has been ruthless tennis by the Serbian, who seems to be in full control of the game.

3:02: The crowd, who is supporting Federer finally gets a chance to cheer as he plays a lovely overhead shot to clinch a point. Finally a great serve, which opens the game for Federer, who leads 40-30. Ah, this is too majestic by Djokovic, who plays a clean pass. Federer hits two smahes to get one point and bring the game to deuce and a forehand of rich quality from the Serb gets a set point number 2 for Djokovic. After a deuce and advantage session, Federer clinches the game. Still Djokovic leads, 5-2.

2:56: Federer's body language also seems to have taken a hit now as he hits the ball carelessly at the net with a return of serve. Djokovic is just playing too well and Federer seems to be shocked with Djokovic's quality. Djokovic lead 5-1, are we dreaming? Federer is being outplayed like no other by Djokovic.

2:51: Brilliant play from Djokovic, who just played an incredible backhand to win a long rally. Has Djokovic played so well ever? Even lady luck is favouring the world number one. Djokovic leads, 4-1. The Swiss has been hammered so far.

2:47: Djokovic to serve. Federer earns the first point with a powerful forehand and Djokovic's return is weak. However, I still maintain, Federer needs to slow down the game. Federer is making too many errors as Djokovic is looking too strong. Djokovic leads 3-1

2:42: Djokovic is on fire and one does not know how can one stop the Serbian as he plays another passing shot to startle Fedex. Djokovic leads, 2-1. Federer should slow down the game as the Serb is loving the fast-paced return.

2:40: Djokovic to serve. The Serb is playing some sublime tennis, plays an easy pass to earn a solid point after a decent rally where Federer looked good. The top seed delivers two aces on a trot. 1-1, second set

2:38: The crowd wants Federer to win the set to make matters interesting.

However, Federer is making some silly mistakes at the net as well, again another unforced error. Federer with a lovely drop shot to make it 30-30. Federer comes up with his best point after a long rally as the Serb hits the ball at the net. Federer leads, 1-0

2:34: Djokovic clinch first set, 6-1

Djokovic, who has not done anything wrong in the first set, looks set for a place in the finals as he is dominating Federer to the hilt. The Serbian just takes 22 minutes to clinch the first set after playing some strong tennis. Can Federer make a come back in the second set? Only time will tell.

2:30: 0-30, Federer serving, makes it 15-30 after finishing a rally with a good overhead smash. Consistency not there for Federer, who hits the ball long. Long rally, which comes to an end after Federer hits the ball at the net. Djokovic leads 5-1.

15 minutes has just gone by and Djokovic leads 4-1.

2:26: Djokovic is looking class apart as he runs away with a 30-0 lead. Federer has been making a number of unforced errors, which he needs to keep in check to challenge the world number one. Ah, you beauty, lovely forehand down the line by Federer. However, Djokovic takes 4-1 lead as Federer makes another unforced error.

2:23:  Federer has to improve and he does so, taking a 30-0 lead and then makes it 40-0. Fedex is sure to come back strong and clicnhes the game, 50-0. Djokovic lead 3-1.

2:20: Djokovic is making Federer sweat by playing some clinical tennis as Fedex is running all round the court. The world number one, as expected, is playing high-intensity tennis. Serb finishes the set with an incredible pass. Djokovic leads, 3-0

2:16: Seems Federer is eager to play the game at the net. Djokovic has looked solid in the opening minutes. Federer making some unforced errors, leading to his downfall. Djokovic breaks serve, leads 2-0

2:13: The Serbian starts the game well as he throws an ace. Ah, you lovely, Djokovic, who plays a passing shot on Federer. Brilliant service game from Djokovic who lead, 1-0.

2:10: The players are ready. Djokovic to serve, here we go. Love-all. Who are you supporting? 

2:07: Federer and Djokovic are striking the ball to each other in the middle, gearing up for the game.

2:05pm: And they walk onto the middle. Federer and Djokovic receives huge cheer from the massive crowd at the arena, where the temperatures are 25 degree celsius. Expect the temperatures to soar even higher when these stars showcase their skills.

2pm: The supporters are eagerly waiting for the two of the biggest tennis stars of the modern era to walk onto the court at the Rod Laver Arena.

1:55pm IST: Federer, who won the Australian Open title in 2010, needs to be at his menacing best if the Swiss wants to beat the defending champion. Djokovic has been brilliant in the competition and so has Federer, so this match has all the ingredients of a classic encounter. One cannot wait for the match to begin.

Roger Federer is set to take on world number one Novak Djokovic for a place in the finals of the 2016 Australian Open, as the two magicians are set to go head-to-head in the semifinals of the year's first Grand Slam on Thursday.

This is the 45th meeting between two of the greatest players of the modern era with the Swiss ace having won 22 matches and Djokovic also registering the same number of victories. Can the Australian Open get any better than this?

There is intense rivalry between the two players in the tennis circuit, and Djokovic has been dominant of late, emerging triumphant in six out of their last eight meetings. Will Federer turn the tables around in the 2016 Australian Open?

With the biggest match of 2016 set to start in a few minutes, the anticipation is building at the Rod Laver Arena, which has witnessed some epic matches in the past.