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Patna Pirates raided their way to glory against U Mumba in a super close finalPro Kabaddi League


Score: U Mumba 28-31 Patna Pirates

40' SCORES LEVEL! U Mumba skipper Anup Kumar wins one more point through a DO or DIE raid.

And Deepak Narwal of Patna Pirates gets one more point in dying seconds.

THIS IS INCREDIBLE! Patna Pirates with two more defensive points in just seconds.

Mumbai 28-31 Patna

37' One touch point by Anup Kumar for U Mumba. This is as close as it can get. Mind blowing stuff !!

U Mumba defence stop Rohit Kumar now. What an attack by Mohit Chhillar.

Mumbai 27-28 Patna

35' Sunil Kumar gets a crucial raid point for the Pirates. 

ANOTHER POINT. Shabeer Bapu stopped in his tracks. Patna Pirates not giving this up.

Mumbai 25-28 Patna

34' U Mumba are back in the game. Closing the gap and may be on the verge of getting the lead. 

Mumbai 25-26 Patna

32' Shabeer Bapu earns one more point for the Mumbai side.

Patna Pirates skipper Manpreet Singh stopped in his next raid. Patna Pirates also stop Rishank Devadiga.

Mumbai 23-26 Patna

30' ALL OUT! The Patna Pirates team is all out. U Mumba bag three crucial points.

Anup Kumar wins another successful raid point. This is incredible attack from the defending champions.

Meanwhile, Rohit Kumar earns another raid point for Patna Pirates.

Mumbai 21-25 Patna

28' Shabeer Bapu earns a two-point raid for U Mumba, and again a defensive point for them. Are we seeing a comeback?

Mumbai 17-23 Patna

27' Sandeep Narwal spearheads a defensive attack for the Pirates. Stops Anup Kumar. Earns a point for his team.

Meanwhile, U Mumba bag a defensive point.

Mumbai 14-23 Patna

26' Another defensive point for U Mumba. Surender Nada spearheading that defensive attack. 

Mumbai 13-22 Patna

24' U Mumba earn one defensive point. Meanwhile, Rishank Devadiga stopped again by a resolute Patna defence.

Mumbai 12-22 Patna

22' Patna Pirate get their first two raid points after the start of the half.

Mumbai 11-21 Patna

HALF TIME: Patna Pirates skipper Manpreet Singh doesn't earn any point off his final raid before the half. However, the first-time Pro Kabaddi finalists are really putting up a display at the national capital.

Score: U Mumba 11-19 Patna Pirates

19' Anup Kumar earns two touch points for U Mumba. 

Another defensive point for U Mumba toprevent Rajesh Mondal from another raid.

Mumbai 11-19 Patna

18' SUPER TACKLE! Rohit Kumar cannot get past the two-man U Mumba defence this time. The defending champions earn two more points.

Mumbai 8-19 Patna

17' SUPER RAID! Rohit Kumar gets three points for Patna Pirates.

And yet another defensive point for the Pirates. They are on a sensational roll!

Mumbai 6-19 Patna

14' Rakesh Kumar gets another raid point for U Mumba. Also, the first defensive point of the match for the defending champions.

Mumbai 6-15 Patna

12' U Mumba skipper Anup Kumar wins a DO or DIE raid. On the other end, Rajesh Mondal of the Pirates with another DO or DIE raid point.

Another defensive point for Patna Pirates.

Mumbai 4-14 Patna

8' Yet another defensive point for the Pirates after U Mumba got one more point through a successful raid.

Meanwhile, one more touch point for Patna Pirates' Rajesh Mondal.

Mumbai 3-12 Patna

6' ALL OUT! U Mumba are all out. Four more points for the Pirates.

Mumbai 2-10 Patna

5' Rajesh Mondal gets another point for the Pirates. U Mumba's Rishank Devadiga stopped by another strong display from the Pirates defence.

Rakesh Kumar gets yet another defensive point for Patna Pirates.

Mumbai 2-6 Patna

2' Rishank Devadiga with the second point for U Mumba. Vishal Mane gets another point for Patna Pirates in a DO or DIE raid.

Brilliant defence by Patna Pirates.

Mumbai 2-3 Patna

1' Skipper Anup Kumar come forward for the first raid of the match for U Mumba and he successfully scores a point. 

Patna Pirates send Rohit Kumar but no point picked. A defensive point for the Pirates.

Mumbai 1-1 Patna

9:20 p.m IST: GAME ON!

9:18 p.m. IST: The players of both teams are out of the tunnel and we are READY TO RUMBLE! 

9:15 p.m IST: We've witnessed a beautiful dance performance from Nritarutya, a Bangalore dance group. It sure has given a massive goose-flesh to everyone. The atmosphere is set now. We have a cracker on the cards.

9:10 p.m. IST: The presentation ceremony of the first match is over and we are just edging closer to the #FinalPanga. Hold on to your seats. This is going to be a blockbustre.

9 p.m. IST: It couldn't get closer than this. Puneri Paltan just edged past Bengal Warriors with a 31-27 scoreline. The Pune side have stood third this season, the Kolkata side are fourth.

8:55 p.m. IST: We are almost set for the start of the match. Just minutes to go... Who will it be? U Mumba or Patna Pirates? Experience or determination?

8:52 p.m. IST: The Patna Pirates fans are also making quite a noise. First ever final for them!

8:45 p.m. IST: So this is how U Mumba fans are doing their countdown to the #FinalPanga...

8:35 p.m. IST: We can see that the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium is buzzing ahead of #FinalPanga. Check out the pics below:

8.30 p.m. IST: It's all Puneri Paltan in their game against Bengal Warriors now. The Pune side lead 15-8 in the half time and if they hold the edge until the end, they stand third in the Pro Kabaddi League 2016.

8:28 p.m IST: Welcome to the live coverage of the Pro Kabaddi 2016 final. Two of the best teams of the league this time -- U Mumba and Patna Pirates -- have made it to the last two of the competition. Be assured, this one is going to be unmissable.

The interesting thing is both sides have a win over each other from two games this season.

This is me, Sayantan (twitter @san_footy), giving out all the live updates from the game here. The match kicks-off at 9 p.m. IST following the end of the Pro Kabaddi 2016 third place game between Puneri Paltan and Bengal Warriors.

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