Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday interacted with 800 students and 60 teachers from various schools ahead of Teachers' Day in New Delhi's Manekshaw Auditorium.

Modi interacted with several students from across the country, who have excelled in various activities, at the Auditorium and with others outside through video conferencing mode, PTI reported.

You can watch PM Modi deliver his speech on the eve of Teachers' Day on the official website of the Prime Minister, Doordarshan and also listen to it on All India Radio.

Prior to his interaction with students, Modi released a commemorative coin of Rs 125 denomination and a circulation coin of Rs 10 denomination in the honour of former President, educationist, teacher and philosopher Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, ahead of his birth anniversary.

He also launched the website for Kala Utsav, which is an initiative of the HRD Ministry to promote art in education.

Highlights of his speech:

11:55 am: Maine ek din khud hi lambe kurte ki baahe kaat di, aur woh mujhe comfotable ho gaya: PM on "Modi kurta"

11:51 am: PM: I don't know why people think I have a fashion designer who styles me. I only dress simple and sober. Mai kissi fashion designer ko nahi jaanta; lamba kurta bag mein zyada jagah leta hai: PM on "Modi-kurtas"

11:49 am:

11:42 am: Parents shouldnt impose their own dreams on kids, that would mean they don't know what the kids are capable of: PM

11:36 am:


11:15 am: Hamare yahan Ma Baap ka ek svabhaav hota hai ki jo khud nahi ban paaye vo chaahte hain unke bacche bane-PM Modi

11:14 am: Until we go beyond the limited idea of a "degree-job" we wont grow. We need to free ourselves; let ourselves write poetry or create art: PM

11:05 am: But when girls like you develop an app on waste management Im assured that my nation will reach its goal of a "Swachh Bharat": PM

11:04 am: Kids from Bengaluru school made mobile app for Swachch Bharat,q on waste management. PM says I have confidence if young kids like you can win international awards wrt to this project, then this programme will be a success. Media also helped: PM

11 am: but as a child I played kabaddi, swam a bit & did yoga.I had a PT teacher called Parmar Sir.I used to go exercise in his small exercise room

10:59 am: Sonia is a child with special needs.I congratulate her. She wants to know what games I play. Everybody knows what games politicians play: PM

10:57 am:

10:55 am: Digital India is a part of our lives, more so if we want to move forward, towards good governance. Its an empowerment tool: PM

10:53 am: Student from Dehradun who aspires to be a chef asks PM about Digital India. PM quizzes him on his favorite dish.

10:50 am: If the feeling for latter is developed then you will be on your way to be a great leader...u have to want to work for others selflessly, then u don't need other qualifications,ppl will make you leader: PM

10:49 am:

10:48 am: Desh mei rajneeti ki itni badnami hui ki log isme jaana hi nahi chahatey: PM to student from Imphal who expresses ambition to be politician... A leadership quality needs to be developed to be a leader, when you establish that people are affected: PM

10:46 am: I have been inquisitive by nature,since childhood. Used to be in library,Swami Vivekananda influenced me: PM

10:42 am: This day inspires all of us to follow a need to be educationists because even the most ordinary people can be an inspiration to students: PM

10:40 am: We have to see that our kids do not become robots, will help with appreciating arts.Without arts life is robotic: PM

10:38 am:

10:37 am: Time to commemorate 'tapasya' done by teachers who made educated doctors, scientists working for nation building: PM

10:36 am: Ek dr. operation kar kay kissi ki zindagi bacha lay to newspaper mei khabbar chapti hai: PM

10:33 am: Ek anganwadi mahila jiska bacchon se bahut lagaav tha. Unhone apni purani saree se bacchon kay liye handkerchief banaye... Unhone bacchon ko haath saaf rakhne kay baare mei sikhaya. Ek teacher nay bacchon ko itna badaa sabak diya: PM

10:30 am: Dr.Kalam went back to teaching the moment his tenure as a President got over: PM Modi

10:27 am: Not many of us lived at the time of Dr. Radhakrishnan, but we did interact with Dr.Kalam who wanted to be remembered as a "teacher": PM

10:26 am: After an age, a child spends more time with teachers than family. During this time, there lies a huge responsibility with the teachers: PM

10:25 am: All of us have a memory of something our teacher taught us when we were young... Sometimes I feel that teachers who write should write about some students who left a mark on them, it will show their involvement: PM

10:24 am:

10:23 am: Sometimes people wonder why it is students we spend time with on Teacher's day. I feel that students are an image of teachers: PM

After PM Modi's interaction with school students, President Pranab Mukherjee will also interact with teachers and also teach students of Sarvodaya Vidyalaya inside the President's Estate.

"After the PM's address, children will remain seated and watch the President's class with students of government schools starting at 11.45 am," its circular said.

Students interactions with the President and the Prime Minister is being held on 4 September, as 5 September is a school holiday and the country would also be celebrating Janamashtmi.

(With inputs from PTI and ANI Tweets)