Narendra Modi Makes Independence Day Speech
Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivers his first Independence Day speech at Red Fort on FridayReuters

12 34 pm: 'Make in India' is everyone's responsibility. First develop India while also making foreign direct investment'. We have to touch new highs in manufacturing sector and give employment to the poor," says Modi. 

12 25 pm: "We want highways as well as 'i-ways'  (information ways) for a Digital India. 

12 20 pm: "We have been discussing the 'Look East' policy for some time. We should also talk about 'Link West'," Modi said. 

12 15 pm: "Nobody can question the talent of 'Young India'", says Modi. 

12 00 pm: India is a great opportunity for FDI, says Modi. 

"As our middle classes increase, it gives better opportunity for global investors," he said. 

11 55 am: Modi highlights issues of red-tapism and corruption as hindernaces and says an environment of trust has to be created.  

"The government is for every citizen. My government has a Mantra, that we trust every citizen," says Modi. 

11 50 am: PM Modi launches the official Make in India website and unveils the Logo. 

11 26 am : ICICI Bank's Chanda Kocchar says the Make in India campaign will be a driver for India's growth. 

"We need to focus on four areas - ease of doing businesses, access to infrastructure, policies for specific sectors, and right training for youth to develop manufacturing skills," said Kocchar. "It is not just the onus of the government but of everyone."

11 20 am: Kumar Mangalam Birla says "Manufacturing has to become the next big wave for India"

"We require 1 million jobs every month in the foreseeable future. We need manufacturing for employment and to develop skills," says Birla. 

"Manufacturing has to become the next big wave for us. India has all the ingredients- talent, human resources, a large domestic market," says Birla. 

11 15 am: Wipro's Azim Premji says Indian products are suitable everywhere. 

"Products made in India are suitable for all climates," says Premji. 

11: 00 am : "Reliance Industries will create 1,25 000 new jobs in India in the next 15 months," says Reliance head Mukesh Ambani. 

Ambani begins his speech praising Modi for his leadership skills.

"The 'Make in India' vision has inspired everyone in India. India as a country is blessed with a leader as our Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has a unique leadership quality. He dreams and he does," says Reliance head Mukesh Ambani

"No body should have any doubt that we can be globally competitive on our own terms," says Ambani, citing the example of India's Mars Mission. 

"The perception of India has changed dramatically and we should convert it into real capital and expertise to flow into India.

"The PM gave us a vision of a 'digital India' during his Independence Day speech. This vision goes hand-in-hand with the 'Make in India' vision," he said.  

"Reliance Industries commits to the Make in India campaign."

10: 45 am: Cyrus Mistry, chairman of Tata Sons, speaks at the event. "The biggest challenge for India is to create employment for 12 million people entering the work force. This employment will have to be generated by the manufacturing sector."

"India has two strategic advantages - Human Capital and Market," says Mistry.

"We need a long-term vision with a will, and we are greatly encouraged by the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The government has taken certain key decisions, in investments, reversing tax structures, providing financial incentives to SMEs, among others ," he noted. 

"We in the Tata group remain fully committed for investing in India," says Cyrus Mistry. 

10:40 am:  "India can become a potential world leader in 25 sectors. We have created a dedicated team to assist investments in these sectors."

10:39 am: "Make in India is not a slogan, it is a campaign for new investments, new infrastructure, new industrial clusters and new mindsets," said commerce minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

"The process of applying for industrial licencses has been made online, and specific timelines have been laid down for processing all security applications to provide flexibility. 

"Our government is amending a number of labour laws," she said. 

10: 35 am: The launch event has begun. Top industrialists are attending the session.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch the 'Make in India' campaign, a move to invite global investors and businesses to India, to fulfill his vision of turning India into a world-class manufacturing hub.

The government has identified more than 25 sectors, including automobiles, defence manufacturing, biotechnology, construction, food processing, among several others, for bringing in investments. 

Manufacturing contributes only 15 % to the GDP currently.