Event highlights in pictures

  • Microsoft Windows 10 DevicesMicrosoft
  • Microsoft on VR
    Microsoft HoloLens Developer EditionMicrosoft
  • Goodbye Microsoft Band
    Microsoft BandMicrosoft
  • Microsoft Lumia 950XL, Lumia 950Microsoft
  • #Windows10Devices
    Microsoft Lumia 950XL used as a PC using Display PortMicrosoft
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 release date in India confirmed: Invites sent out for 7 January event
    Microsoft Surface Pro 4Microsoft
  • Surface Pro 4 Pen DemoMicrosoft
  • Microsoft Surface BookMicrosoft

9:21pm: Highlights of Microsoft's #Windows10Devices launch today:

  • Microsoft Lumia 950, Lumia 950XL, Lumia 550
  • Microsoft Band
  • Microsoft HoloLens
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4
  • New Type cover for Surface Pro 4
  • Microsoft Surface Book

9:20pm: Microsoft event concludes

9:12pm: CEO Satya Nadella finally takes the stage. Summarizes the whole event and the products unveiled.

9:10pm: Panay signs off.

9:05pm: The Surface Book detaches from its keyboard and the hinge allows it to be reversed fully to use it in a tablet mode. Receives standing ovation. Thinnest, most powerful PC ever made. 

9:01pm: Surface Book Price : $1499. Available October 26 and pre-orders begin 7 October.

9:00pm: Panay ran GPU intensive apps and did not witness a lag for a second.

8:55pm: Panay shows the new Surface Book with fine lines, sleek design, powerful NVIDIA chipset, backlit keypad and more.

  • 13.5 inch PixelSense screen, 267ppi with better colour and contrast.
  • Comfortable typing experience, quite typing keys, precision glass trackpad, 5-point touch pad
  • 12 hours battery life.
  • Suitable for gamers, coders, engineers, scientists and everyone.
  • NVIDIA GeForce GPU, high-speed GDDR5 memory, and the fastest 13-inch laptop in the world.
  • 2 times faster than MacBook Pro.

8:50pm: Pre-orders starts 7 October and avialable 26 October and costs $899.

8:49pm: The Surface Pro 4 comes with a fingerprint reader, to know the user and log into the associated accounts. Front facing camera is enhanced to take advantage of Windows Hello. 

8:46pm: New Type cover unveiled. Comes with integrated backlit keyword, precision glass trackpad, scissor design, 1.3mm travel keyset and five colours.

8:40pm: Comparison: The Surface Pro 4 is 30 percent than Surface Pro 3. Compares with MacBook Air and says the Pro 4 is 50 percent faster than the MacBook Air.

  • RAM: 16GB RAM
  • Storage: 1TB
  • Two 4K display port
  • Four USB 3.0
  • Surface Pro 4 works with Surface Pro 3 docking station (Phew!)

8:35: Panay demonstrates the various features of the Pen. 

8:30pm: Panay announces the Surface Pro 4. Key features revealed:

  • Sleek, powerful and stylish
  • 12.3-inch display 267ppi (5 million pixels on the screen).
  • PixelSense technology: 0.4mm Corning glass,
  • Powered by G5 chipset
  • Eraser on the tail of the pen. Just like your old-school pencil.
  • The new Surface Pen companies the Surface Pro 4 with full-year battery life.
  • The pen storage is as simple as sticking it to the side of the tablet.

8:26pm: Price: Lumia 950: $549 and Lumia 950XL: $649. AND Lumia 550 comes to life.

8:16pm Bryan Roper takes the stage. Explains Windows Hello and the cool unlocking feature with just a command. Relates the new Lumia to a PC. To justify that, Bryan connected the Lumia smartphone to a monitor and uses it as a PC. Demonstrates the task switcher and also shows how the new Lumia can be used without interupting the PC connection. 

8:14pm: Features of Lumia 950, Lumia 950XL

  • USB Type-C port.
  • 32GB onboard storage, microSD card support up to 1TB
  • Windows 10 OS, which includes Office, Cortana, Edge and all the other features.

8:08pm: Panay unveils the Lumia 950, Lumia 950XL. Explains the architecture of the new devices:

  • Adaptive antenna tech, octa-core and hexa core processors for Lumia 950XL and 950 devices, respectively.
  • Lumia 950 features a 5.2" OLED display, Lumia 950XL sports a 5.7" OLED screen.
  • Camera: 20MP primary camera with a dedicated physical button. Yes! There's PureView ZEISS sensor, triple LED EGB Natural flash and OIS on both devices.

8: 06pm: Panos Panay, Surface VP, comes on stage and talks about the new Lumia devices.

8:05pm: Myerson announces the new Surface.

8:05pm: Band connects with Lose It, renowned nutrition tracker. Pre-orders start on Tuesday and available on 30 October for $249.

8:00pm: ‎Senior Communications Manager of Microsoft Band and Health, Lindsey Matese takes over the stage to talk about the Microsoft Band. Reveals key features:

  • Unique and elegant design.
  • Smooth edges to curve comfortably around the wrist.
  • The OLED screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 3.
  • Band has GPS, UV monitoring, guided workouts, notifications, Cortana integration for further assistance.
  • Volume of Oxygen (VO2) can be measured using the new Band.
  • Also tracks elevation in real time using integrated barometer.

7:55pm: HoloLens will be available in the first quarter of 2016 for $3,000. Myerson then talks about the new Microsoft Band. 

7:46pm: Myerson talks about HoloLens. Demonstrates the HoloLens technology and use in gaming, which is quite incredible. It is known as Project X-Ray and mixed reality entertainment.

7:45pm: Incredible games are lined up, infact the greatest in the history, for Xbox. Gamers can play their Xbox 360 games on Xbox One.

7:40pm: Annouces universal Windows apps for Facebook, Instagram, Uber and a lot more.

7:30pm: Terry Myerson, Microsoft's Executive VP of Windows and Devices Group, kicks off the event. Starts by talking about the Windows 10 rollout and achievements. Confirms 110 million devices running the latest OS. Streaming of 120 years of gameplay have been streamed from Xbox to new Windows 10 devices. Over 1.25 billion users visited the app store. All this is just within the 10 weeks.

7:00pm IST: The countdown has begun. Microsoft Windows 10 Devices launch event will commence in 30 minutes. We will bring you live coverage of the event right here.

The Microsoft event will commence at 10am EDT (7:30pm IST) and this live blog will cover all the details of the new announcements.

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