And we have the first draw of the Indian Super League season 2. The goals might not have come, but there have been plenty of moments to assert that this was a complete cracker. Mumbai, with Sony Norde, Gabriel Fernandes, and Subash Singh, stole hearts completely, and Kerala Blasters have to go back and reflect on their performances, and prep up for their next game.

Final Score: Kerala 0-0 Mumbai

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90' Additional time: 4 minutes.

88' SONY NORDE! REMEMBER the name. This forward just doesn't stop. The Haitian takes a shot from outside the box, and he is unlucky again! How could this be possible? 

84' OFF THE POST!!! WHAT END-TO-END STUFF! Sony Norde picks up the counter, and uses his pace and dribbling prowess to cross the ball to Piquionne inside the box. The striker takes it and it comes off the right post.

81' WHAT A STOP! Sanchez Watt was clean through there, and Debjit comes off his line to stop the ball. He got injured in the process, but what a heroic attempt from the Mohun Bagan custodian.

80' Attacking change for Mumbai. Piquionne comes on for O'Dea.

77' Mind-boggling run from Gabriel Fernandes. Bywater comes out of his line to make the save, and Gabriel picked up a knock there. But well, he's back again!

75' The match has come to life now, in every sense. Complete counter-attacking from both sides. End to end stuff this is. And the Kerala Blasters defenders look ready. Peter Ramage is giving his all.

74' Coimbra also comes on for Pulga.

71' Former Arsenal striker Sanchez Watt comes on for Dagnall. A late burst of attack from the home team now, and can he add to the momentum now? He scored a brilliant goal in the last game.

67' The fans in the stadium are surely enjoying the game, but are they really happy with the home team's performance tonight?

Meanwhile, worry for Mumbai as Gabriel Fernandes is taken off on a stretcher. 

65' Brilliant man-marking from Pavel Cmovs to deny Ishfaq Ahmed a chance to capitalise on the ball.

62' Benachour comes on for Saran Singh.

60' Subhash takes down Pulga, and the home side get some lifeline from this freekick.

Mehtab takes it. He passes short, but a total waste of a chance.

Sub: Ashutosh makes his way in for Aitor.

58' Vineeth is brought down by Pratesh once again. Free kick for Kerala.

Pulga takes it, but cleared out by the defence.

56' On the other end, Mehtab has a go from outside the box, and he MISSED that. Pretty sure he scored a lot of those with East Bengal.

Sub: Ishfaq Ahmed comes on for Manandeep Singh.

54' SHUBHASH!!!! The lively Indian forward has a go from just outside the box, and Oh What a relief for Bywater. The goalkeeper managed to get a hand there and make the save.

53' Pulga crosses in from the free-kick, and Debjit makes the save! The effort from Ramage not good enough there.

52' - The duel between Subhash Singh and Williams is really getting heated up now. The Indian won it there.

HIGH FOOT! Massive high foot by Bertin there on Dagnall. Must be very painful, just caught him below the throat. Yellow for Bertin.

50' - Kerala Blasters are doing their best to control the attack and get some momentum, but they are just not able to do so. The Mumbai defence remains resolute.

46' - Second half kicks off.


The first half may have remained goalless, but what spectacle the Haiti forward Sony Norde has provided so far. Brilliant in the attack with his pace, dribbling, inter-passing, as well as crosses and shots, he, along with, Gabriel Fernandes and Subhash Singh have given Mumbai much hope as they go to the lemon break.

Kerala 0-0 Mumbai

45' Sony Norde is somehow managing to get past all the markings from the defenders. What a show he is putting on!

Additional time: 2 minutes.

44' Bertin has remained absolutely solid in the back for Mumbai.

41' And one more attack from the home side fizzles out there. Nothing has quite worked so far for Kerala Blasters.

38' WHAT A SHOT! Sony Norde hits a powerful shot on goal, and forced a save from Bywater. The Haitian is really putting up a show tonight.

35' On the other end, Vineeth goes from the spectacular, but no direction of the ball really.

34' Gabriel Fernandes is putting on a spectacle for us tonight, guys. His dribbling and pace is being cheered by the home fans as well. It's still a shock Mumbai haven't found the opener yet.

30' Amazing display from the Mumbai attackers. Subhash Singh and Gabriel Fernandes deserve all the brownie points for being a workhorse so far. The Kerala defence are desperate for clearances now.

25' Tackle coming in from Pratesh on Vineeth. Good chance for the home side from the free kick now.

Perone takes it. No, nothing comes off it. Hits the wall and bounces out.

23' Sony Norde is a pure spectacle. Stealing hearts with his dribbling abilities, be it in the attack or in the defence.

20' Meanwhile, worry for the away side as Debjit receives treatment following a slight knock. He's  back on his feet though.

18' STUNNER of an effort from Victor Pulga, and a STUNNER of a save from Debjit Majumder. The match has come to life now.

17' Sublime play from Gabriel Fernandes. However, Marcus Williams made sure not to give the Indian any chance to pull the trigger.

15' Rahul Bheke stealing some attention there with his long throw-ins.

11' Crunching challenge by Gurwinder on Sony. Mumbai win a free-kick. 

Sony crosses it in, and OH MY, what a chance from Subhash Singh. Bywater remained alert.

9' The home side just about tried to make some inroads there, but the Mumbai defence have thwarted the attack. Debjit also makes his first catch of the evening.

5' WHAT A CHANCE! Gabriel Fernandes almost gave the away side their first blood. Takes a shot inside the box, but it is so high. Sigh of relief for Kerala there.

2' The away side have started really well, with Sony Norde being a lethal presence in the attack.

7 pm: HERE WE GO! The first half gets under way. Will it be another win for Kerala, or will it be Mumbai's first win?

6:55 pm: Amazing atmosphere in the stadium. The fans in Kochi do know how to make some noise. What a buzz!

6:45pm: Just about 15 minutes to go now for the big kick-off from Kochi. Do join for all the live updates from the game.

6:20 pm: Alright, so we have the line-ups here for both teams.

KERALA BLASTERS XI: Bywater; Ramamge, Williams, Bheke, Perone; Gurwinder, Mehtab, Vineeth, Pulga; Dagnall, Manandeep. 

MUMBAI CITY FC XI: Debjit; Aitor, O'Dea, Bertin, Cmovs; Gabriel, Sony Norde, Thangjam, Pratesh, Bustos; Subhash.

6:05 pm: We've got some pictures coming in from the stadium now. Kick-off is just within an hour.

6 pm: Kerala Blasters take on Mumbai City FC in the game 10 of the Indian Super League tonight, and while the home side will fancy their chances by looking for a second win on the trot, the away side will look to get off-the-mark in the league with a win.

Lots of hopes will be riding today as the action comes all the way from the high-capacity and enthralling Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Kochi, and I, Sayantan Maitra (twitter @san_footy), like always, will be bringing to you LIVE updates from the game.