FC Pune City, who defeated NorthEast United FC (NEUFC) at Balewadi stadium --1-0 -- go top of the ISL table with six points from two games. NEUFC were unlucky as they let Pune off the hook in the 73rd minute with an own goal, Ralte being the cluprit.

After the goal, Pune looked a different team as Tuncay, who had come in for Adrian Mutu, began to use his experience to apply pressure on the NEUFC defenders to good effect.

However, the home team were severly tested by NEUFC, who might consider themselves unfortunate to suffer their second straight defeat of the season.They got their fair share of chances, but were unable to find the back of the net. 

That is it from me folks, good night........

90+4' Final whistle. 

FC Pune City defeat NorthEast United FC, 1-0.

90+3' Free kick to Pune and they take it to the corner flag and waste time.

4 minutes of extra time

89' Dadzie goes for a volley, but misconnects the shot high in the air and is gutted. The technique was not right.

88' Ever since Tuncay has come in, Pune have looked a strong team going forward.

Pune substitution: Kuche in, Yendrick out for Pune.

87' NEUFC substitution: Sutin comes in for Reagan

85' Little trickery from Valez (almost Ronaldinho-like, I mean almost) who fizzes the ball in the danger area, which is easily held by Pune's goalie. Valez has been one of the brightest players for NEUFC alongside Sanju Pradhan.

83' Pune slowing the game down. They can play it safe on their own half. Wise from Pune.

81' NEUFC player, Reagan takes a long shot, another good effort, but is slighty wide from the mark. 

80' NEUFC earns a corner and takes it quicky. But, what a waste as the ball is played to I-do-not-know-where!!

78' Another corner for Pune, but the ball is played too long. 

77' Pune players have got a spring in their stride after the goal. They might get more chances to score as NEUFC will go all out to find that goal, which brings them level.

75' Valez misses. He should have scored with no defenders making a tackle.

74' Goal....

Pune wins a corner and the ball is played in from the spot, and the ball finds it way onto the net. It seems that it came from NEUFC player. Own goal...that is sad for the visitors, who have been decent in the second half. Ralte the culprit for OG.

71' Tuncay finds the back of the net, but he is given offside. 

69' Tuncay, who scored a brace in the last match, has been doing all the running, but to no avail. 

67' The way the game has progressed in the second half, one wonders if NEUFC are playing at home or FC Pune? No points for guessing. 

66' NEUFC have been attacking from the right wing only, but are losing the ball too easily. 

65' Ball released for Tuncay, but the defender is too strong for the former Turkish star.

64' NEUFC looks dangerous on the counter as they come close towards a goal, but the ball from the right wing is below par. 

62' Velez goes for a shot, well wide and long from a difficult angle.

61' Substitution: Fans cheer on as Tuncay replace Mutu  for FC Pune City. 

60' NEUFC have been piling up huge pressure. They are in full control of the game. Sanju, who has been their most creative player, must take the initiative. 

57' The home team has not been able to come up with a decent game and are in fact lucky to be 0-0. NEUFC, who have looked better, deserve a goal.

56' Velez with a nice run as he passes the ball to Kamara, who hits the ball wide. This was NEUFC best chance in the half and it goes begging. 

54' Substitution: Gurung out, Sushanth in for FC Pune City.

51' Mutu shows some fine skill and controls the ball and crosses, but is easily defended. That is good defending by NEUFC, who's players were tight on Mutu.

50' Nothing much has happened in the second half so far, though, NEUFC have had decent share of the ball, they have not been able to get into the danger area.

46' And we're under way for the SECOND HALF.


Pune showed a late attacking burst, but their inter-passing couldn't help much. Nicky Shorey pulled the trigger just before the final whistle, but following 45 minutes of play, the scoreline remains goalless.

Pune 0-0 NorthEast United

45' Both teams trying to dominate their respective attacking thirds, but they are unable to do so. Midfield battle this is turning out to be.

Additional time: 3 minutes.

41' Mutu makes the run and gets inside the box. But his shot on goal doesn't have any venom. Easy save for the NorthEast goalie.

36' SANJU! The former East Bengal man gave all his strength in the header there. But well, the ball doesn't come close to the goal.

35' Tuncay Sanli surely wants to come on and change the dimension of the game. He's shouting instructions from the bench there!

32' The away side are not giving it up. Not at all. Reagan Singh forces a powerful save from the Pune keeper. And the shot from Velez following the corner remained so close. How did he miss there?

28' Pretty sure the Balewadi Sports Complex as well as the fans were waiting for a magic from Israil Gurung, and he just provided it. Powerful shot from the left flank to force a stunner from Bracigliano.

25' NorthEast United are going for it now. Upped their ante. The Pune defence have to be on their feet now.

23' Siam Hanghal has a go from a distance. But it's high and wide. A speculative shot as you call it.

20' VELEZ VELEZ VELEZ! Clean through by the Argentine, and what a run. And what a try at goal from an impossible angle. The Pune goalkeeper has a sigh of relief now. What a chance!

17' KAMARA! What a free kick! Just headed out by a FC Pune defender. It was going in for sure.

16' Free-kick for the away side now. Maithani gets a Yellow for bringing down Velez outside the box.

14' - Yellow for Silas for a challenge on Mutu just outside the box. Free kick for FC Pune.

Mutu takes it, and the powerful shot just hits the wall, and a defender clears it. Wasted chance.

9' - BRACIGLIANO! The NorthEast custodian makes back-to-back saves. First, a shot from Mutu, and then a header from Ravanan.

5' - Not much has happened in the match so far, and it's a midfield battle thus far. Both teams are seeing quality ball, but chances are yet to come. 

7pm: Match 7 kicks off

6:56: India's national anthem being played.....

6:54: Ok, teams emerge from the tunnel, which means we are just minutes away from the start of game 7. 

6:51: The beautiful Balewadi stadium is on view and what a spectacle for football fans in India, where the home fans are cheering for, obviously, FC Pune City. However, fans might be disappointed as hero of the last match Tuncay is starting from the bench. 

6:48: NEUFC striker, Nico Velez, though, wants to find his name on the scoresheet once again, he feels more than finding the back of the net, he is eager for three points from tonight's game

6:45: Irrespective of the team that has been picked, NEUFC need to be on top of their game against Pune, who possess some big players, inlcuding Adrian Mutu, former Chelsea player.

6:40:NEUFC have made five changes in their line up to face FC Pune City. Will the new look team stun FC Pune City?

6:30: It already seems to be like a carnival atmosphere at FC Pune City's home round. Come on!! ISL is the greatest football carnival in India. Can it get better? Yes, why not. If you have any doubts, come and enjoy the beautiful game with me right here. 

We are just 45 minutes away from the seventh ISL game of the second edition. The previous six matches have already produced some amazing moments and today's game between FC Pune City and NorthEast United FC is also expected to maintain the high quality action.

Hi folks, I am Ashim Sunam and I am going to bring you all the happenings from the match at Balewadi stadium, where the fans are gradually filing up the seats. Those who turned up today in the stadium are expecting another great performance from the home team, who defeated Mumbai City FC in the season opener.