FULL TIME! FC Goa have won it 2-0!

What a performance it has been from the Gaurs! They dominated most of the game. Mandar has been named as the hero of the match and quite aptly! 

Delhi Dynamos tried desperately in the second half but they could not convert one chance amongst many.

A disappointing start for the Carlos and his men. Zico on the other hand, will be a happy man after an outstanding display of football from his men in blue. FC Goa are up and running in this Indian Super League 2015. 

That is all from me (Rajarshi Majumdar) and IBTimes Indian Edition. We will back with tomorrow's live action! Till then Good night!

90+4' Close shave, that almost went in but good defending again! FC Goa holds on to their lead. 

90+3' free-kick for Delhi Dynamos. Riise to take it. Can he pull off a reaper from this setpiece?

90+1' We are into stoppage time now. This has been a thrilling encounter in Goa. Can Delhi Dynamos sneak one in? 4 minutes of added time to be played. 

86' brilliant save from Sanjiban! He has been the real hero for the Dynamos so far!

87' Mandar Desai has been taken off by Zico. He has played well in this game. Listen to the roar. Well played young lad!

84' This has been a professional performance from the FC Goa players. They are still trying to get the possession. 

81' Gadze with a shot but straight to the goalkeeper. No venom on that. Andrade has a rather safe pair of hands. 

79' You can't allow so much space to someone like Romeo Fernandes. He is clever and he is quick. And he can make the defenders pay for it. Poor defending from Delhi Dynamos. 

77' Jofre receives a yellow card for a nasty challenge. 

76' The play has been stopped. Mandar is severly injured and he is being carried out on a stretcher!

74' Sanjiban Ghosh makes another outstanding save, Moura was clear and it could have been 3-0!

71' Malouda yet again! So close yet so far! The score remains 2-0. 

69' Reinaldo goes for the goal by himself, Sanjiban gets a vital touch on it. GOA corner!

67' Woah woah woah! Things are getting heated up there, Dos Santos receives a yellow card for an altercation with Moura. First yellow card of the game.

65' Andrade, the FC Goa goalkeeper, has been good tonight. Meanwhile, the game has slowed down as it has passed the hour mark, and why wont it be! It is so hot!

63' Ghanaian Striker Gadze shoots outside, nowehere near that goal post. 

61' What a save from Sanjiban! Romeo was clear from a through pass from Jofre. 

60' Delhi had a good spell of passing but nothing has come out of it.

55' Romeo goes down inside the box, but the referee says it is just a corner! 

53.30' Riise and Malouda both hits the post within a span of 30 seconds! Ooooo Dear, Delhi could have got two in no time!

53' Delhi Dynamos are trying really hard to get back into this game. 

51' Reinaldo misses a sitter!

48' This has been a rather come second half so far. Both the teams are trying to keep possession of the ball.

46' Vinicius and Hans Mulder have been taken off by Carlos. 

45' Kick off again! Second half is under way. 

Giovani Dos Santos too will come in along with Carlos. 

It looks like Roberto Carlos is going into come in for Delhi Dynamos. Delhi Dynamos fans will have something to cheer about. But they really will have to get their defense together. 

The second half will start in another five minutes and you can expect some more goals from this match. Let us see what they have in store for us.


Roberto Carlos was furious after the second goal was scored. It looks like he is going to come in himself for Delhi Dynamos. He stormed into the tunnel after the whistle. 

Jofre and Romeo has been brilliant in this first 45 minutes. Reinaldo and Leo Moura too have been right on the money and no wonder they are right ahead in this game. 

Delhi on the other hand has been poor on the ball and FC Goa players have taken that advantage and converted them.

Half Time score:

FC Goa 2 Delhi Dynamos 0.

Sit tight ladies and gentlemen! We will be back with the live updates in some time from now. 

45+4' Free-Kick for Delhi now, o boy! what a game of football this has been, the men in blue has been brilliant. 

45+2' Dear-O-Dear, A free-kick in a dangerous position, and GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAL! Reinaldo puts it in! 

45' We are going to have 3 minutes of added time. Can Delhi Dynamos get back into this game. They have been lurking near that FC Goa box, yet another corner.  

43' A corner for Delhi Dynamos. Riise came close, a chance so close. 

42' Carlos has been animated near the lines. A change can be accepted in the half time for the Delhi Dynamos. 

41' Five minutes left in the first half. This has been a rivetting contest so far.

39' Romeo should have thought quickly and passed the ball to Reinaldo. A chance goes begging. 

38' Corner now for Delhi!

36' Delhi Dynamos players are desperately trying to get in close near the box, but the tackles have been absolutey spot on from FC Goa defenders, especially, Lucio.

34' Riise with a timely interception. 

32' It is so so hot in there. The heat is taking a toll on the players. 13 more minutes for the half time whistle to be blown. 

31' A foul by Keenan. Malouda to take the free-kick!

29' Goa's defense is definitely one of the strongest one's going to come across this season for sure.

26' Hans Mulder just reminded what a dangerous player he can be. His shot was just outside the post. 

25' Carlos seemed to be furious and he kicked a bag near the dugout. Things have not gone right for Delhi Dynamos at least till the first quarter of the play. 

24' SO CLOSE! REINALDO missed the cross and goes out for a throw! 

21' Leo Moura, who is the goal scorer was fouled. Lucio was furious!

20' Both Zico and Roberto Carlos have not taken their respective seats. What a game of football it has been so far!  

18' You just can't keep Florent Malouda out of the game, can you?

17' Delhi has maintained the possession for some time now. Gadze and Malouda had a nice built up. Malouda's header went just over the post. 

15' Malouda came close to the penalty box. But FC Goa's defense has been brilliant so far. 

14' Delhi is living dangerously here in this match!

11.30' Delhi corner now. Riise with a HEADER, WIDE! But FC Goa would have been 2-0 up by now.

11' Leo Moura hits the post! Oh My God, what a start to this match. 

10' CHANCE! Romeo gives it away in the box. Riise right there to intercept. 

8.30' FC Goa are more or less controling the procedings of this game!

7' Lucio has been rock solid at the defense for FC Goa. Gadze has tried getting past the last defender but the referee has blown the whistle for an offside.

5' What a start to the match! FC Goa Goa is already threatening the Delhi Dynamos defense

2' It's a goal! Mandar has guided one inside the net! Romeo Fernandes with the assist! 

And it's kick-off! 

The stadium erupts as the players are out on the pitch! Live action to follow in no time from now. 

Fatorda Stadium in Goa is filled till the brim! The fans are cheering, the chants can be heard from quite a distance as well. 

The teams will come out of the tunnel in any moment from now! Sit tight fellas! 

15 more minutes for the game to start! are you ready for the live action?

FC Goa players are out on the field for their last minute warm-up session! It is raining in Goa, but still that can't calm the fans down! The stadium is nicely lit up for a perfect clash! The match will underway in another 20 minutes! 

So Roberto Carlos decides to stay in the sidelines and manage the boys as of now. But Florent Malouda and John Arne Riise are there in that playing XI. What do you think who'se going to prevail tonight? 

This one's for all you Delhi Dynamos fans. Here's the starting lineup for the clash against FC Goa and it looks a pretty decorated and strong side! 

Don't be disheartened Delhi fans, Dynamos will also be announcing their lineup soon. Hold on to your seat tightly!

Here is the starting XI for FC Goa folks, take a look:

There still some left for the match to start. In the mean time, you guys go and get some popcorn because it is going to be a super sunday!

Two Brazilian legends lead their teams on to our home turf for the first time ever. Let the battle begin! #GOA pic.twitter.com/9h100PzeZj

— FC Goa (@FCGoaOfficial) October 4, 2015

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! This is Rajarshi Majumdar (tweets and retweets - @manutdkolkata) and I will be bringing you the live blog coverage and minute-by-minute updates of the Indian Super League (ISL) match no. 2 between FC Goa and Delhi Dynamos at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Fatorda, Goa. 

People are terming this encounter 'Student vs Teacher' because Zico will go head-to-head against Roberto Carlos.

Delhi Dynamos have a star-studded team but it will not be easy against FC Goa. Let us see what do these players have in store for us!