A thrilling encounter comes to an end. What a game of football this has been! Antonio Lopez Habas will consider themselves to be lucky. Sahni's red card made the differnce in the match. Kolkata could have maintained their lead till the end of the game but Almeida's screamer helped them to draw level.

Zico will be disappointed with this scoreline as they could not use the home advantage. They will have to face Chennaiyin FC in their next game which is going to be a tough one. 

Meanwhile, Kolkata will fly back to their home ground and face the upbeat Kerala Blasters on the 13th of October. Izumi was adjudged the hero of the match after his performance on the pitch tonight.

Yet another riveting game of football in this ISL 2015 comes to an end. We will be back with the live updates of game number 6 of ISL 2015. Till the this is Rajarshi Majumdar signing off. Good Night folks! See you soon again.    

FC Goa 1 Atletico de Kolkata 1

Last minute of the game!

90+4' Both the teams are trying for a late winner. What a contest this has been! Zico would feel they have been lucky as they have played the better game in the second half but Kolkata came close to making it 2-1 but they could not. Goa on the other hand, have created more chances. 2 more minutes to be played!

90+3' Lucca's shot from distance saved easily by Amrinder Singh. He has been troubled by these long range shots from FC Goa players. 

90+1' Rahim Nabi is coming into the field in place of the hero of the match Arata Izumi. 

90' Hume's shot!!!!! Oh blocked by the defenders. seven minutes to be added. Are we expecting a late twist here?????

90' Can Kolkata pull off a late winner? What do you think guys????

87' Meanwhile, both the coaches have been animated near the line. The crowd has perfectly played the role of the 12th man. 

86' Wooof! Jorfe's crusing shot saved by Amrinder once again. He has been on the firing line. Can they hold on to this scoreline and manage a draw? 

85' FC Goa has launched an all-out attack. Mandar's shot deflected. Corner for FC Goa. 

83' Jofre and Augustin Fernandes sees yellow because of a banter between the two. Keep calm boys. Play the game fairly. 

82' Keenan Almeida took a chance from a distance. It zoomed past all the defenders and the goalkeeper as well. FC Goa 1 Atletico de Kolkata 1. Oh boy! What a thriller has been.

82' GOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!! FC Goa equalize.

81' Mandar's shot saved by Amrinder. What a save that was!

80' Last 10 minutes of the game. Can we see some magic from FC Goa?

77' Valdo's shot blocked but what a player Hume has been in this match. He keeps the posession. Throw in for ATK now. 

75' Kolkata are playing with five defenders now. Nato is playing in the midfield position now.

74' Josemi is coming on to the field in place for Jaime Gavilan. Tactics are clear. Make the defense stronger in these dying minutes.

72' The difference of that one man is clearly visible. Can we see a late goal from FC Goa in this last 20 minutes of the match? 

70' FC Goa have a golden opportunity now. They would want to take this advantage now but Atletico de Kolkata have held on to their lead. 

67' Lucca is on the pitch now as Andrade makes way for him. Denson has also been substituted and Kattimani is the new goalkeeper for FC Goa now.

65' Kolkata are down to ten men. Now there's confusion on the pitch, Zico is so animated. They wanted to substitute a foreign player with an Indian. 

62' Baljit Sahni sees the RED CARD! Oh boy, why would you do that???? Correct decision by the referee. That was his fault completely. 

61' Baljit Sahni got under the skin of Gregory Arnolin, but Sahni headbutts on Arnolin's face. This is reminding me of Fikru and Arnolin's clash. 

60' Romeo Fernandes, who could have made an impact in this game, has been kept quiet by the Atletico de Kolkata defenders surprisingly. 

58' Devdas sees a yellow card now. He has committed three fouls but the ref decides toshow him the card this time. 

56' Reinaldo's cross!! Oh dear, there was no FC Goa players to guide that ball into the back of the net. Yet another chance missed by the home side. 

54' Kolkata have looked a better side in the second half of the game. they have attacked with a lot of promise. Hume especially has been working around with the ball pretty well.  

51' Hume curled in but far from the post. Disappointing free kick from the Atletico de Kolkata forward Iain Hume. 

50' Denson Devdas fouls Gavilan. Free-kick for Atletico de Kolkata. Chance for the visitors now from this spot kick.

48' Dear-o-dear, Lucio's header hits the woodwork. FC Goa would be tearing their hair off. 

47' Free-kick in a dangerous position for FC Goa!

46' Nato and Jofre clashes and both the players goes down!

First substitution of the match. Javi Lara makes way for Valdo!

The players are coming out of through the tunnel once more for the second half. The live action is few moments away! 

Second Half coming soon. Stay tuned fellas for further updates!


What a first half time this has been! Atletico de Kolkata has maintained their lead over FC Goa. Arata Izumi got his first start and he converted it into a crucial goal. 

Atletico de Kolkata has been rock solid in their defense and also in the midfield. Special credits to their skipper Borja Fernandez, Jaime Gallivan and Javi Lara. Their number of attacks were less but they did them with real menace.

FC Goa will have to buckle up. They need something special to break that ATK defense.

Secomd half coming soon, stay tuned fellas!

Atletico de Kolkata 1 FC Goa 0 

45+1' Two Minutes of added time. 

44' Jaime Gavilan sees a yellow too. Fouls Jofre. Two yellow cards in the last three minutes. 

43' Three more minutes to be played. This has been a better performance from Atletico de Kolkata defensively.  

42' Borja Fernandez sees a yellow! Free-kick for FC Goa. But yet another chance goes begging. 

40' FC Goa have not been at their best in this game. They will have to make some changes I believe if they would want to get back into this game.

38' The moment Jofre has the ball in his feet FC Goa players pep up their speed. FC Goa have trying really hard. Moura and Jofre have linked well but they have not managed to equalize as of yet.  

36' CHAANCE! IZUMI takes a shot but Andrade makes a good save. This is good football from both the sides. 

33' This has been a riveting contest so far. 

30' Lucio's shot straight to the hands of Amrinder Singh. Comfortable save for the ATK keeper. 

29' Corner for FC Goa now! Danger for ATK.

28' Woooof! Lara with the free-kick but missed the goal. Needed a little more dip in that. 

27' Gregory Arnolin fouls Hume. Free-kick for ATK!

26' Reinaldo's shot!!!!!! Oh boy, the ball just flew over the post. FC Goa is creating that momentum now. 

25' Izumi loses control. Chance goes begging! First quarter of the match has been played.

24' First Corner of the match for Atletico de Kolkata! Can they sneak in one more?

22.30' ROMEOOOO...oh that was so close! Atletico de Kolkata mainatain their lead. 

21' Moura with a shot! Close again but not good enough to find the back of the net. 

20' FC Goa are trying so hard to get back into this gameThey have maintained the possession as well. But Kolkata defenders have been right on the money.   

16' Chance goes begging! But the ball is still with the Gaurs! This is turning out to be yet another cracker of a game. 

15' FREE-KICK for FC Goa!

14' Atletico de Kolkata takes early lead in this game. This could be crucial. What a goal that was! The cross came in from Javi Lara. Hume lined up for the shot too but Izumi was the first one to get his boots on the ball and with precision he finished it. 

13' ARATA IZUMI volleys it into the top corner of the net. The stadium is stunned to silence. What a start for Atletico de Kolkata!


11' This MANDAR is so damn quick man! FC Goa is threatening the ATK defense now.

10' Who do you think can break the deadlock!

9' CHANCE! lovely little chip there from Jofre but Reinaldo blasts past the net. Close it was. 

8' A slow start to the game compared to the other games that we have witnessed so far in ISL 2015. At this moment, the possession is almost equal. 

7' Romeo Fernandes has been kept quite so far in this match. The ball is with the ATK midfielders now.

6' Good ball from Leo Moura towards Mandar, but the defender got the better off the two. 

4' Good defending from the ATK defenders. FC Goa wingers are already testing the defending champions' defense. 

2' Tackles have already started to fly in. Jofre was the target but the defender escapes but gets a warning from the ref.

1' FC Goa starts with the proceedings!


Here they are, fireworks, drumrolls, chants! Let the action begin!

The players will come out of the tunnel in any moment! The excitement level is unbelievable.

Both these teams have won their opening games, who do you think will prevail tonight?

The stadium is packed to the brim! Buzzing with the chants from the FC Goa supporters. Atletico de Kolkata fans must be creating quite a noise where ever they are! 

Look who have sent their wishes for Atletico de Kolkata! Oh My My! 

15 minutes to kick-off folks! Are you ready for the action?

Let us have a look at the two lineups:

Can Atletico de Kolkata prevail without the force of Helder Postiga? Can Denzil Franco handle the pace of Mandar? Well well well! We will have to wait and watch until the end of the game. 

Some rivalries are meant to be and one of the fiercest rivalries will take centrestage tonight at Goa! 

For all those who will be missing the live action, I promise to bring to you a picturesque representation of this high-voltage encounter! Stay tuned for further updates. 

Just half an hour to go for the live action, adrenaline rush! How about you guys? 

Hold on to your seats ladies and gentlemen, lineups coming within minutes!

Two football crazy cities and thousands of fans! How about that for a contest. FC Goa will be seeking vengeance as they were knocked out by the defending champions Atletico de Kolkata in the semi final of the ISL 2014. 

Trivia for you guys: These two sides have met four times before this game, three out of them have ended in draws and only once Atletico de Kolkata edged past FC Goa and that too in penalties of the last year's second leg of the semi-final encounter. 

Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the live blog coverage of FC Goa vs Atletico de Kolkata. This is Rajarshi Majumdar and I will be bringing you the live updates from this cracker of an Indian Super League (ISL) 2015 game.