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2nd set: Game 10

Serena Williams is serving for the championship, but it is Venus who is stealing the attention. The longest rally of the match so far lasted in the game -- 28 rallies. The ultimate point at the end was clinched by the elder of the Williams sisters -- Venus!

That said, an unforced error from Venus gave Serena that one break point.....and SERENA WILLIAMS MAKES HISTORY!

Serena 6-4 Venus

2nd set: Game 9

Brilliant fight back and perseverance from Venus to win the game!

Serena 5-4 Venus

2nd set: Game 8

AAAAAND....Serena does it again! Four points on the trot. This looks almost done now!

Serena 5-3 Venus

2nd set: Game 7

Good rally between the sisters, but Serena bosses it at the end. The game goes to a deuce....but Serena has enough gas left in her tank to prevail in the end!

Serena 4-3 Venus

2nd set: Game 6

One of those rare games where Serena doesn't commit a double fault nor gets an ace. She holds!

Serena 3-3 Venus

2nd set: Game 5

Venus Williams quickly finishes off the game to take the lead

Serena 2-3 Venus

2nd set: Game 4

Aaand... Serena serving in the game. A double fault and an ace...the trend has continued! Serena holds.

Serena 2-2 Venus

2nd set: Game 3

Serena pockets three points quickly off Venus' serve. BUT Venus returns with vengeance and levels the game 40-40

DAAANG! Five continous points and Venus Williams grabs the game.

Serena 1-2 Venus

2nd set: Game 2

The first ace from Serena of the second set....and three points on the trot. She gave away two game points....but CLINCHES it!

Serena 1-1 Venus

2nd set: Game 1

Venus starts the set with an ace! Comfortable win for the 36-year-old with a two-handed backhand.

Serena 0-1 Venus

1st set: Game 10

Serena serves for the first set! Whoa! And she BOSSES it with four straight points on the trot.......Two aces won!

As well as the set. Total time: 41 mins.

Serena : 7 aces

Venus : 3 aces

Serena 6-4 Venus

1st set: Game 9

Venus serves to stay in the set.....and she does well to hold!

Serena 5-4 Venus

1st set: Game 8

Serena's serve has not been that dominating so far...but the ACES keep coming. The World No 2 now has 5 aces and four double faults.

Serena 5-3 Venus

Awwww.... Genie has tweeted. We miss you, princess!

1st set: Game 7

Venus with powerful aces of her own! Fight for bragging rights, this? Oh irony!!! A double fault follows too.

Sisters....everything remains the same. CRAZY!

And Serena looks BACKKK with a powerful forehand.

Serena 4-3 Venus

1st set: Game 6

'I Gotta Feeling' - the song by the Black Eyed Peas, played at the Rod Laver Arena now. Can the words live up to the expectation?

Meanwhile, Serena's serve isn't helping much as she is continuosly losing points. But wait, the former numero uno wins four straight points to clinch the game.

Serena 3-3 Venus

1st set: Game 5

Venus is being ridiculously agile and active. She is the oldest women's singles finalist in a grand slam ever. Who was expecting that?

2 break points for Venus....and she holds her serve!

Serena 2-3 Venus

1st set: Game 4

19 minutes over already in the three games. Serena serves again...and the beautiful ACE comes again. Her second of the match so far. Oh daang, yet again a double fault to deuce the game.

AND AGAIN! A double fault. And an ace following it. Haha, brilliant combination that be! An ace followed by a double fault.

The grunts from Serena have arrived, folks. OMG, yet another double fault and Venus clinches the game!

Serena 2-2 Venus

1st set: Game 3

First double fault from Venus now. Both women showcasing their powerful forehand shots on the court! The rallies are also building up.

Aaand...the first drop shot winner from Venus and she gets the game to a deuce.

OH DAAANG! Serena has a broken racquet already! That was....unexpected?

And the new racquet helps Serena brings the game to another deuce. And again, Venus takes it to the third deuce of the game. Serena breaks!

Serena 2-1 Venus

1st set: Game 2

The World No 2 again dominates with her first serve in the match...but Serena commits the first double fault as well. But also gets an ace!

Venus does well to get a deuce from the set.......and CLINCHES it following an unforced error by Serena.

Serena 1-1 Venus

1st set: Game 1

Serena gets off to two points quickly and get two break points and seals the first game of the match with a powerful forehand. Bright start.

Serena 1-0 Venus

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2 pm IST: The players (and sisters) are out on the court!

Serena wins the toss and will have the first receive in the match

Serena hasn't dropped a set in her journey towards the final. That says a lot who the favourite is! Will family emotions take attention now or pure aggression? Stay tuned.

1:52 pm IST: Alright, let's head in straight into the Rod Laver Arena. We have visuals coming in...

1:48 pm IST: Interesting thing is...both Serena and Williams are looking to write record books today. While Serena looks ahead to her 23rd Grand Slam in an Open era -- the highest ever, Venus is vying to be the oldest Grand slam singles women's champion!

Lots at stake!

More on their rivalry...

1:42 pm IST: While we do the countdown to the women's singles final, let us brush up with some other championship wins from the Australian Open 2017.

Wheelchair tennis women's singles champion: Yui Kamiji

Wheelchair tennis men's singles champion: Gusti Fernandez

Quad Wheelchair Singles champion: Dylan Alcott

1:30 pm IST: Time to relive their journey so far:

Serena Williams comes into the match at the back of a straight sets win against Lucic-Baroni in the semis.

Venus Williams comes into the match at the back of a three-set victory over Vandeweghe in the semis.

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1:15 pm IST: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the live coverage of the Australian Open 2017 women's singles final. Two legends of tennis -- Serena Williams and Venus Williams -- two of the most iconic faces of the game....who are also sisters, pit against each other for the 19th time in a Grand Slam.

This is me Sayantan from International Business Times, India, entrusted with the duties of bringing all the updates of the match across YOU.

Super Saturday is a term we normally associate with football, but well thanks to the Williams sisters, we have a Super Saturday in tennis right here. Can this be the perfect curtain raiser to the Federer-Nadal Aus Open 2017 men's singles final tomorrow? That needs to be seen.

Until then, the match from the Rod Laver Arena gets under way in an hour from now. Stay tuned!