At least three labourers have been trapped after an under-construction tunnel caved in in Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh, news agencies reported on Sunday.

The under-construction tunnel caved in on Saturday night, ANI reported.

The local authorities launched a rescue operation and efforts were on to bring the men out. Online news portal India Samvad reported that the workers were digging a portion of the cave, when the tunnel collapsed due a landslide.

Emergency services officials have deployed oxygen pumping machines to maintain the air supply inside the tunnel.

The tunnel at Kandrour is a part of an under-construction four-lane national highway between Chandigarh and Manali. Kandrour is located between Bilaspur and Ghumarwin towns.

Live Updates

6.30 PM - It's been around almost 20 hours, the rescue work is still ongoing. Local authorities have expressed hope that they will be able to get the workers alive.

4.00 PM - It is feared that the number of people trapped inside the tunnel could rise. (via Hindustan Times) #Bilaspur

3.30 PM - Local news reports have raised questions against the construction company, indicating that it was negligent of them to have carried out excavation work on the part of the mountain which is known to have loose soil. #Himachal

3.15 PM - Bilaspur District Commissioner and Superintend of Police are both present at the incident site.

2.45 PM - The main oxygen pipe reportedly broke, following which an emergency services team supplied air into the tunnel through a smaller pipe (via Jagran).

2.40 PM - The labourers have been stuck in the tunnel for over 16 hours now. #Bilaspur 

2.30 PM - Names of the labourers trapped inside the tunnel are Satish, Mani Ram and Hirda Ram.

2.00 PM - India Today claims at least 30 labourers are feared trapped. #Himachal

9.00 AM, 13 September - Local police say several tonnes of debris has been removed.

10.30 PM, 12 September - Tunnel caved in at around 10.30 pm on Saturday (via Amar Ujala).