"Liv & Maddie" may have been away from our TV screens for over a month now, but that does not stop us from loving the twins any less. On Sunday, 6 December, we saw the Rooney family celebrating Christmas, but since then the Disney show has been on a hiatus.

Our beloved twins will return with Season 3 Episode 10, titled "Ridgewood-a-Rooney", on Sunday, 17 January, and that will focus on the Rooney kids' school life. According to the official synopsis, Parker (Tenzing Norgay Trainor) gets bumped up a few grades in school, putting him on a par with his older siblings Liv, Maddie (Dove Cameron) and Joey (Joey Bragg).

After this, the older siblings are left to deal with having their younger brother excel at everything. As much as we love the Rooney family drama, it is the arrival of Diggie (Ryan McCartan) that we are all patiently waiting for. The last time we saw him, Diggie and Maddie had parted ways at the airport, where they decided they would remain friends during the time Diggie was in Australia, and focus on being more than that when he returned.

Diggie and Maddie have enjoyed a loving and sweet relationship in the series, with both youngsters being tolerant and kind towards each other in times of need. However, their relationship was short-lived, and we are desperate to see the two of them together again. We are hoping that before Season 3 ends, we will get to see the two of them together again.

After all, we still have 14 episodes left in the season. For regular updates and spoilers on "Liv & Maddie", do not forget to check back here.