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After fans desperately hoped and prayed that "Little Women: LA" cast member Briana Renee would end her marriage with Matt Ericson, it appears that the couple is still together and perhaps stronger. Briana and Matt went through a particularly difficult time when "Little Women: LA" Season 4 aired, but it seems likely that the birth of their son, Maverick Jax, has reduced the tension between them.

Although Briana may have moved on from Matt's sexting scandal, her friends and other cast members of the Lifetime reality TV show may not have. Fans of "Little Women: LA" will remember that many of Briana's friends urged her to break-up with Matt after the truth about his infidelity became known. However, Briana chose to be with her husband and as the TV series progresses, her friends will try every possible way to learn more about Matt's shady ways.

According to several reports, Briana's closest friend Christy McGinty will speak to one of Matt's ex flames on "Little Women: LA" Season 5. In the latest instalment of the Lifetime TV show, Christy and transgender model, Plastic Martyr, who reportedly sent sexually suggestive texts to Matt, will have an emotional and tense scene.

Lifetime's representatives did confirm that the model shot a scene with Christy and according to them, she will will appear more often in "Litttle Women: LA" Season 5. It looks like the upcoming season of the reality show will focus more on Matt's cheating scandal that first came to light in Season 4.  

A source close to the model was quoted by Inquisitr as saying: "Plastic Martyr told Christy that Matt sent her naked photos and sick messages over Instagram. She said she's worried about Briana and doesn't think Matt should be allowed around their children."  It looks like Season 5 of "Little Women: LA" will reveal the many transgender models Matt sent sexually suggestive texts to while still in relationship with Briana. 

While fans can expect to see Briana and Matt's marital problems again, Season 5 of "Little Women: LA" will also be littered with some happy moments. Since the show recently concluded its Season 4, several of the cast members have become mothers and this experience will no doubt be captured on the show.