Dualshock 4 at the Sony exhibition during Gamescom 2013.
A controller of a Playstation 4 is pictured at the Sony exhibition stand during the Gamescom 2013 fair in Cologne August 21, 2013.Reuters

Since Microsoft's much awaited gaming console, Xbox One, has been launched after Sony's PlayStation 4 console, a number of customised skins for their controllers have been revealed by Evil Controllers.

This team of creators creates certain modifications on the controllers of both the consoles, which can be ordered from/to any part of the world.

The modifications range from covering the whole controller with flame-red skulls to as little as replacing the action buttons with that of an authentic Brass Bullet Buttons - one of their trademark mods.

Sony PlayStation 4 controller - Dualshock 4

For now, a total of 18 different unique Dualshock 4 controllers are available with Evil controllers, out of which a majority of the controllers sport orange and blue colour tones.

While the modified Dualshock 4 controllers start from $109.99 due to their complete change-over, the bullet-button modifications will set back a gamer by $84.99.

Following is the list of modified controllers available along with their prices.

Sticker Bomb - $109.99 (Rs. 6800 approx.)

White Urban - $109.99

White Fire - $109.99

White Zombie Hazard - $109.99

White Nightmare - $109.99

Orange Skullz - $109.99

Orange Nightmare - $109.99

Orange Urban - $109.99

Orange Fire - $109.99

Orange Zombie Hazard - $109.99

Glossy Orange - $89.99 (Rs. 5600 approx.)

Blue Nightmare - $109.99

Blue Skullz - $109.99

Blue Zombie Hazard - $109.99

Blue Fire - $109.99

Blue Urban - $109.99

Black Nickel Command - $84.99 (₹5300 approx.)

Black Brass Elite - $84.99

Microsoft Xbox One Controller

While the PS4 collection comes in 18 mods in total, the Xbox One controller mods are limited to only 6 at the moment. However, it includes some high-end design priced in the same range as PS4 controllers. Following is the list of controllers and the prices.

Sticker Bomb - $109.99

Glossy Orange - $89.99

Orange Urban - $109.99

Orange Nightmare - $109.99

Blue Urban - $109.99

White Zombie Hazard - $109.99

The shipping for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers can be done in two modes

-International Priority Mail $16.35 (₹1000 approx.)

-International Express Mail $66.40 (₹4000 approx.)

All the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers can be viewed/ordered here.