During the launch of new Android v4.4 KitKat OS on 31 October, Google had announced that the new OS' footprint was slimmed down to make it compatible with the budget phones with RAM capacity as low as 512MB. Now, Indian smartphone maker, Micromax is reportedly planning to release the new chocolate-wafer flavoured OS update to a slew of handsets next year.

Popular Twitter spy, MMX Newscaster has leaked the alleged Micromax's internal document, containing a list of prospective Canvas series handsets lined up for the new KitKat update next year.

"New Year KitKat Surprise! ETA unspecified. #SurpriseCANGiftHappiness", tweeted the website.

List of Micromax Canvas smartphone series include:

  •   Canvas Turbo A50
  •   Canvas  Doodle 2 A240
  •  Canvas 4 A210
  •  Canvas 200 (not released yet, but it is touted as the 'Canvas Turbo Mini')
  •  Canvas Magnus A117
  • Canvas HD A116
  • Canvas HD A116i
  • Canvas 3D A115
  • Canvas 2.2 A114
  • Canvas Ego A113
  • Canvas Doodle (first-generation) A111
  • Canvas 2 Plus A110Q
  • Canvas 2 A110
  • Micromax  A101
  • Micromax A100

Though MMX Newscaster is known for its accurate prediction with regard to Micromax devices, the news is yet to be verified for its authenticity as the company (as well as all other local players) rarely releases OS updates to their flagship devices. So we advice our readers, not to keep their hopes high until Micromax officially confirms the report.

If the rumour does become a reality, Micromax will surely win the hearts of its loyal fans. This will also amplify the reputation of the company, which is expected to set foot in Europe early next year.

Key enhancements expected to come with v4.4 KitKat OS:

Improved Caller-ID: If a caller receives a call from unknown number, the phone will look for matches on the net with local listings via Google Maps.

Priority Contacts: The new OS empowers the phone to automatically prioritise contact list for easy access, based on the frequency of the peoples' contacts to which users talk.

Immersive display: To enhanceentertainment factor, the new OS comes with immersive mode, where the status bar and navigation buttons disappear in to the back ground while you play music, games and read e-books. Users can just swipe the edge of the screen to bring backtheutility buttons.

Enhanced Message grouping: Taking a leaf out of Apple's iMessage feature, Google has brought in some improvements to the new Hangouts app; now, users can find all their text SMSs and MMSs, audio and video call details all at one place. He/She also can share location and send animated GIFs.

Emoji Characters:  Initially users had to install third party app to use colorful characters in their SMS. Now, with KitKat, the keypad comes with native Japanese Emoji emotion icons.

Voice Search: Google has brought in Google Now, a voice based search system which we saw on the recently released Moto X. Users can initiate phone with voice command 'Ok Google' and then can initiate web search, play music tracks and even call people without having to touch the screen.

NFC and Wireless Printing: Google's new OS comes with improved Quickoffice app where-in people can create and store word documents online as well as print files wirelessly on NFC-enabled HP printers.

Bluetooth MAP (Message Access Profile):  This feature enables android devices in cars with Bluetooth support to exchange messages.

Multi-tasking:  With efficient memory management, users can multi-task by opening multiple applications; Listen to music while you can browse through the net.  

Performance:  With low system requirements the new KitKat OS is expected to bring performance enhancements and also increase battery life.