List of countries where Indians can travel without visa, get visa-on-arrival
Only holders of diplomatic or official passports or a Hong Kong Travel Pass and Indian nationals who have enrolled for the e-Channel service for frequent visitors have been exempted from the pre-arrival registration scheme. [Representational Image]Reuters

The United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) marks September 27 as the World Tourism Day, which is celebrated to highlight the importance of tourism and its social, economic and cultural values.

Like every year, the World Tourism Day has an official host. Bangkok has been chosen to host the official celebrations of the day this year. The theme for this year's World Tourism Day is "Tourism for All," which encourages people to travel and enjoy experiences.

Tourism is a major source of economy for many countries. In India, there have been several measures in place to encourage foreign tourists to visit the country. In 2015, Foreign exchange earnings from tourism reached $20 billion.

For travel enthusiasts, there are plenty of beautiful destinations to explore and one lifetime may not be enough to visit them all. But international travels require planning and visa approvals. Indians who wish to make last minute travel plans to international destinations, have several places to visit without worrying about applying for a visa.

There are more than 50 countries where Indians can travel without visa and about 30 places, which can grant a visa-on-arrival. Below are the list of countries that do not require visas for Indians and places, which facilitate visas on arrival. Bangkok, this year's official World Tourism Day host, requires visa-on-arrival.

No visas required

Bhutan Mauritius
Hong Kong Cape Verde
South Korea (Jeju) Djibouti
Macau Ethiopia
Nepal Gambia
Antarctica Guinea-Bissau
Seychelles Kenya
FYRO Macedonia Madagascar
Svalbard Mozambique
Dominica Sao Tome & Principe
Grenada Tanzania
Haiti Togo
Jamaica Uganda
Montserrat Georgia
St. Kitts & Nevis Tajikistan
St. Vincent & Grenadines St. Lucia
Trinidad & Tobago Nicaragua
Turks & Caicos Islands Bolivia
British Virgin Islands Guyana
El Salvador Nauru
Ecuador Palau
Cook Islands Tuvalu
Timor Leste
Iraq (Basra)
Comoros Is.

Visa-on-arrival (via MakeMyTrip)

Asia Africa South America North America Oceania Europe
Thailand Mauritius Ecuador British Virgin Islands Cook Islands Macedonia
Bhutan Seychelles Dominica Haiti El Salvador Georgia
Cambodia Togo Bolivia St Lucia Fiji
Hong Kong Kenya Guyana Jamaica Micronesia
Macau Tanzania Saint Kitts and Nevis Nauru
Indonesia Ethiopia St Vincent Samoa
Iraq Madagascar Grandines Tuvalu
Nepal Mozambique Grenada Nieu
Maldives Djibouti Trinidad & Tobago Palau
Jordan Sao Tome & Principe Montserrat Vanuatu
Timor Leste Uganda Nicaragua
Laos Guinea-Bissau Turks & Caicos Islands
South Korea (Jeju) Gambia
Tajikistan Cape Verde
Comoros Islands