Liquor Baron Ponty Chadha and his elder brother Hardeep were shot dead in a shootout over a property dispute at a Delhi farmhouse on Saturday.

According to the TV reports, the brothers had an argument following which Hardeep fired at Ponty killing him while Ponty's bodyguard fired at Hardeep who returned the fire.

The brothers had bitter disputes over the division of their property and had reportedly called a meeting to resolve the issues relating to it.

"Lot of problems were there between Ponty and his brother Hardeep over property settlement," Hardeep's lawyer told the TV channels.

The incident happened between 1:00 pm and 1:30 pm in the garden of the farmhouse, which belonged to Ponty.

According to hospital sources, Ponty had six bullets on his body. Police were questioning the guard who was also injured in the incident.

Chadha control the business empire --the Wave group valued at Rs. 6000 crore -- and his business interests range from distilleries and multiplexes to sugar and paper mills.