The Lion King review
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The Lion King is one film that many people, irrespective of their age, have been waiting to watch. The film, which released in India on July 19, is something one should definitely not miss.

The Telugu version of this Hollywood film is winning hearts all over. The cast is the biggest asset of the film. While Jagapathi Babu gave voice to Scar, Ravi Shankar was Mufasa's voice. Simmba is none other than Nani.

None other than Jagapathi's husky and bold voice could have suited Scar. Ravi Shankar's voice for Mufasa reminded us of how Kings would have really been. While both the voices were attractive and bold, Nani's voice sounded very low. In fact, it was in contrast with Scar and Mufasa's voice.

Because Simba is a lion and soon to be King, his voice should be something that enemies would be afraid of and not laugh. It would have been better if Nani had tried to dub a little louder and bolder. So maybe, the makers should have looked for a better dubbing artist.

On the other hand, the comedy generated by Pumbaa and Timon entertained the audience.

Comedy Kind Brahmanandan dubbed for Pumbaa and Ali for Timon. Their timing, chemistry and friendship showed really well in their dubbing because Pumbaa and Timon are also best friends. They have done the dubbing so well that Telugu audience will remember Pumbaa and Timon more than they remember Simmba.

Many animated Hollywood films have been dubbed and released in Telugu. But never ever has there been a film which made the audience forget that they were watching a Hollywood film.

So wonderful are the technicalities that The Lion King, against all the odds, made its audience feel like they were watching a Telugu film. The artistes have done more than just giving their best for this film.

The 3D version doesn't have many 3D shots. The VFX has been done really well this and will give its audience the best experience. Overall, kids will definitely enjoy watching it.