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The Tamil Nadu Film Producers Council (TFPC) lashed out at "Lingaa" distributors, who had decided to "beg" for compensation, saying superstar Rajinikanth cannot be held accountable for the film's losses.

"Rajini sir's films have always had very high success rate. People who are usually associated with his films have mostly gained. It's unfair to hold him responsible for the losses of his film 'Lingaa'. We strongly condemn the decision of the distributors to beg for compensation. It's unethical to harass Rajinikanth sir and producer Venkatesh. This matter has to be resolved amicably," read TFPC's statement.

Earlier, a group of distributors had revealed they had incurred heavy losses and requested that around Rs35 crore be refunded to them; but this was later declined by the producer of the movie, Rockline Venkatesh

"Last month it was decided we will be compensated after extensive accounting of the losses. And for this, Rajini sir had appointed his friend and distributor Tirupur Subramaniam, who ascertained the quantum loss suffered by us. However, the producer is unwilling to pay Rs 35 crore," distributor Singaravadivelan told IANS.

He also stated that the refund amount is far less than the salary paid to Rajinikanth, and also mentioned Eros had bought the theatrical rights of the Rajini starrer for a whooping ₹100 Crore.

"If Eros had paid so much to buy the film, we don't understand why it is difficult for producer Venkatesh to refund us when he had promised us that the film will do better business than 'Enthiran. They've made us beg for the refund. And we will do it as we've run out of options. We will beg right outside Rajinikanth's house," he added.

After a series of discussions, producer Rockline Venkatesh agreed to settle only about 10 per cent of the losses; but the distributors turned down the offer. Since the discussions did not yield any solution, the distributors decided to go on a begging protest outside Rajinikanth's residence.