Lindsay Lohan
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Lindsay Lohan was punched by a Syrian refugee family after she accused them of trafficking children.

On Saturday, September 29, the Mean Girls star went live on Instagram to show fans another side of her. She tried to help a homeless refugee family, but her 'kind' gesture backfired.

Lindsay got off her car and headed towards a family of four who were sitting on the sidewalk all huddled up. She offered to help them out by providing to pay for a good hotel for their shelter.

"Yalla habibi [Come on, my dear]," she tells one of the boys. "You want to come with me? Come with me. Come, come. I'll take care. Let me take care of you you want to stay in a hotel tonight? Do you want to watch movies? Yeah. It'd be so cool, right, to watch a movie on TV or a computer? Let's go. You're gonna be the boss from now on. I'll take you with me and we will see them tomorrow."

However, the family did not accept her offer. Lindsay did not quit and kept requesting them in Arabic to come with her.

After a while, the family got up, took their belongings and started walking away from her. Lindsay followed them saying they were heading the wrong direction. "Guys, you're going the wrong way, my car is here, come," she said.

She started yelling saying, "They're trafficking children, I won't leave until I take you, now I know who you are, don't f--- with me. You're ruining Arab culture by doing this. You're taking these children. They want to go. I'm with you boys, don't worry. The whole world is seeing this right now. I will walk forever."

The family continued walking and did not give heed to what the actress had to say. But things got physical when she tried to hold a kid's hand and said, "Give me your hand". Soon the panicked mother punched Lindsay in the face and walked away.

Lindsay fell to the ground shocked and started to cry. "I'm like in shock right now, I'm just like so scared," she said clutching her left cheek.