Lindsay Lohan 's stage debut receives mixed reviews
Lindsay Lohan 's stage debut receives mixed reviews

Lindsay Lohan hasn't learnt her lesson as yet. The 28-year-old actress has fulfilled only 10 hours of her 125 hours of community service, which is expected to be completed by 28 May. Lindsay's community service work is part of her probation for her 2012 conviction for reckless driving.

LiLo may be risking more jail time for not completing her court-mandated community service hours. Lohan was ordered to serve 125 hours of community service, but her attorney reportedly told the judge that she had completed only about 10 and followed it up by a slew of lame excuses.

Her lawyers reportedly said Lindsay couldn't complete the hours because the place she does community service is too far away.

"It's 90 minutes from her residence in London. Lindsay wants to go to Brooklyn to complete community service where she was previously going," a source told Radar.

"The judge approved it, but said there would be 'serious consequences' if she didn't complete community service by May 28," added the source.

The "Mean Girls" actress has, however, been shopping and hanging out with friends in Milan and was spotted partying hard in London on 7 May.

But now it looks like the actress has come under the threat of being tossed in the slammer. According to latest reports, LiLo is expected to land in New York City on Monday and finally begin her court-ordered community service on Tuesday.

Let's hope Lindsay Lohan doesn't blow up her deadline this time around.