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The reviews for Terminator: Dark Fate is out and many critics are calling it the best sequel to the 1991's Judgement Day. Moreover, even with the upcoming film's impending success, Producer James Cameron has already spoken about the narrative plans for future Terminator sequels. Unfortunately, Linda Hamilton won't likely be a part of it.

The R-rated Terminator: Dark Fate seems to have fared well with critics as the movie looks to earn $40 million-plus on the opening weekend. It seems evident that Paramount/Skydance will soon greenlight another movie but Sarah Connor's arc seems to have met its end, or at least that's what the actress implies. Speaking to Daily Mail, Hamilton addressed if she'd consider returning to the franchise to do a Terminator: Dar Fate sequel. Surprisingly, the actress had a strong reaction.

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"I've been threatening to fake my own death so I wouldn't have to do the next one if there is one. It really was hard, it was the hardest and the greatest I've ever done. It was so hard making this god damn movie." Before Dark Fate, Hamilton last reprised Sarah Connor vocally as a cameo in Terminator: Salvation. But the actress didn't anticipate a return that involved her entire big-screen appearance.

"I was worried too. I just wanted to let the film have the same impact. I didn't see [the return] coming ever... It never occurred to me that we'd be coming back and that I'd get to do this again." The next Terminator sequels will explore human relationships with artificial intelligence. It's likely that the studio will expand the upcoming movies into a new trilogy.

The film sees the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger as T-800, Hamilton as Sarah Connor and also new additions like Gabriel Luna as a new form of Terminator. Mackenzie Davis plays as Grace, an enhanced human from the future. Terminator: Dark Fate will be in theaters from November 1.