"Limitless," the TV adaptation, or should we say the continuation of the 2011 movie (of the same name) starring Bradley Cooper, has managed to impress its viewers in the premiere on CBS on 22 September. And this week, watch how Brian Finch's relationship with the FBI and his new partnership with Jennifer takes a new flight in episode 2 titled, "Badge!Gun!'.

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As we already know, Jake McDorman takes on the lead role (Brian Finch), played by Bradley Cooper in the original film. He uses the same NZT drug, which literally makes him extraordinary giving him super mental powers.

The pilot episode of "Limitless" saw how Finch, a struggling musician transforms to become the world's smartest man, helping FBI solve crucial cases. In episode 1, Finch, after solving the murder of one of his close friends, is recruited by an FBI agent named Rebecca (Jennifer Carpenter) to join and help the Feds solve major cases.

"Badge! Gun" continues from where the pilot left with Rebecca and Finch partnership taking a new leap. And while Finch enjoys his steady supply of NZT coming in, thanks to Eddie Mora (Bradley Cooper), he screws it up big time in this week's episode.

In the episode's promo, it comes out clear that Finch will be at odds with his new co-workers in FBI. Everyone thinks Brian Finch is way too reckless, but his chemistry with Rebecca will make it an interesting watch.

Plot synopsis:

Brian puts his new job with the FBI in jeopardy when he disobeys orders to stay out of an investigation into the murder of a renowned journalist.

Watch how Brian Finch screws up in "Limitless" season 1, episode 2 titled "Badge! Gun!" which airs on CBS on 29 September, 10pm.