Kamal Haasan
Actor Kamal Haasan.Reuters

Kamal Haasan's new YouTube page, "Ulaganayagan Tube", is buzz with activities. The actor had recently made this page interactive with Q&A sessions with his colleagues including artistes and technicians from the film industry.

The latest interviewer in the list was the "Uthama Villain" director, Ramesh Aravind.

In the session, Ramesh asked him a question, which would have baffled anyone other than Kamal. The film-maker asked Kamal about the kind of film he would make if he was given a limitless budget.

However, Kamal's reply was much philosophical: "I will stop making films and I will start making audience. So that at least other film-makers will benefit from it because it is important that we make audience. You will have to prepare the audience whether you want to make a good film or a good war; you will have to prepare the people for it," he answered.

"Do you think the attempt by Alexander was just to amass wealth? What he wanted was to take his culture across the world and conquer, his greed to take his way of thinking to the world. What difference does it make if we amass wealth than required at the age of 33? So it's like that. So if I have all the money in the world, I will become a simpler man. It would be easier to handle myself I guess," concluded the Ulaganayagan.

The conversation became more interesting when Ramesh asked what is real victory according to the Ulaganayagan. The reply was equally charming as Kamal said that "truth itself is the real victory," while he also reminded that "it is a luxury, which many cannot afford."

Actor Naaser, music director Gibran and filmmaker RC Sakthi had participated in the earlier sessions.

Meanwhile, Kamal is awaiting the release of films, including "Vishwarooppam 2", "Uthama Villain" and "Papanasam".