Ravi Gaikwad

Ravi Gaikwad is popularly known for his social service work and sports association. He is a philanthropist and also a senior member of the Road Safety Cell in Maharashtra.

He is in the news for being selected under the category of "Life Time Achievement Award in Engineering, Science & Technology" at the "Business Excellence Awards."

It is scheduled to take place on the 30th of September 2021 at Taj Santacruz, Mumbai. This accolade is presented to him for his consistent contribution towards the Engineering, Science & Technology Sector.

Not many are aware that Ravi Gaikwad was always enthralled towards science literature since his teenage days. He also holds a Ph.D. degree in the field of Engineering in the Electronics & Telecommunications branch along with a Degree in Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering.

During his Engineering stint he also seamlessly organized a National Science Exhibition for various paper presentations as a part of Science Literature in the area of Engineering.

On top of that Ravi Gaikwad was also academically sharp, his indomitable 100/100 score in two subjects in the last year of his Engineering was solid proof of that. He has presented several papers to IIT.