Himanshu Gaur

Life coach Himanshu Gaur understands the importance of Social Media & he is now all set to share his secrets on how to become a GoPro Digital. He shared information and resources that will help you identify your digital footprint!

Before starting with how to Build, Grow and Scale your brand or business through social media & become GoPro Digital. It's extremely important to first understand why you build your digital brand.

He emphasizes the changing world and is in a very fast phase. We can't expect new outputs in this fast-changing world if we do business like the olden days, as old ways do not open new doors.

Did we ever think that the Unicorns buying decades-old, large enterprises will be the new normal?

He mentioned in every seminar that the Digital method will give you better reach in less time. It means they can reach more people quickly, as was impossible in old ways. That's the simple secret that they all follow.

Not only are you searching for people for your business purpose, but the world is also searching for your products and services. The question is that are they able to find out about your existence?

If your answer is no!! Then you should start building before it's too late & become a GoPro Digital. If you want people to reach out to you, then you should be available where they can find your business.

So, how can we build the brand digitally and become a Go Pro through social media so that the world can find us?

Himanshu talks about Steps to Build a Strong Brand presence on social media, choose your Micro Niche, Build Authority & Focus on Value to the customers.

How the life coach grew his presence socially and how it helps!

He elaborates on how to grow any business in this world and your products should have more demand. If there is more demand than your business will automatically grow. If you sell sand in the desert will anyone buy it from you? If you buy ice cream in Antarctica will anyone buy it from you? Just apply the demand and supply concept when you have to grow your business. Here your question can come if our products don't have much demand then what to do? His reply so we need to first create demand by spreading awareness about your products. So, he spread awareness by educating them. If you think your product is unique and doesn't have much demand right now but it will be in demand in the future then start educating it. Which is a time taking process.

Growing a business is like growing a child. You must have all the qualities that one parent has when they are parenting their children.Now the question arises how do you grow your business socially? Gaur's reply to this was he simply follows the basic philosophy that "more the footfall more the sales". His philosophy is very simple and effective. Did you ever observe that when anyone opens a new showroom near your area or any inauguration of any commercial happens then they invite all the relatives and neighbours for the neighbour station and sometimes they also invite a few famous people? Have you ever thought about why they do this? He says if you want to grow more sales then you have to increase the footfalls. This is as simple as that. They increase the footfalls by engaging them with entertainment activities. Because they knew it very well, if anyone comes to see celebrities in our shopping malls then they will buy something from us also.

He applied the same thought process to grow digitally. Simply, the engagement on your social media will be the sales. But what most people do is make the mistake of directly focusing on selling their products without increasing the engagements. He simply focuses on increasing the engagement of more people.

He also shares how anyone can increase engagement socially. The secret to increasing engagement is consistency and content. Most people fail inconsistency. If you will be consistent with your post then your engagement will start increasing automatically. After increasing the engagement you have to monetize that engagement to generate revenue from it.