Samantha Akkineni and Naga Shaurya in Oh! Baby
Samantha Akkineni and Naga Shaurya in Oh! BabyTwitter

Gone are the days when heroes were replaced by dupes during action sequences. Now, young actors think that it is their responsibility to do the action sequence because their fans love them for everything that they do see on screen.

Actor Naga Shaurya, who met with an accident recently while doing an action sequence for his upcoming film Ashwaddhama, has recovered and is happy about it.

Talking to IBTimes India, he revealed why he took such a risk. He said: "Audience nowadays observe everything keenly and they know who is the hero and who is a dupe. So when they love us for all that we do, I don't think we can take the credit for what someone else does. Life is all about risk. I know the shoot and film gets delayed, but I think I have got more time to do things better."

The actor was advised to take bed rest for three months. To all our wonder, Shaurya recovered fast and is completely fit now. He looks excited to take part in the shoot of the film soon.

Naga Shaurya
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After the release of Oh Baby, the actor spoke to media and said that he was happy that the role he played is receiving praises all over. It was Shaurya's mother who heard the story of Oh Baby and wanted her son to do that role.

Director B.V. Nandini Reddy said that was not sure whether Shaurya would do the role or not, but knew that he would if she asks.

"I thought that my role would just be a guest appearance. But after the making of the film, I realised that it is more than an extended cameo. I am happy to have done a role like of Vikram. Happy to have shared screen with someone like Samantha. Lakshmi Ma'm is my all-time favourite, but I did not get a chance to act with her. But being part of the film in which she plays a key role is like a dream come true," said Shaurya.