LG Launches New Mid-Range G Stylo With 2TB Expandable Memory, 3,000mAh Battery
LG G Stylo Is A New Mid-Ranger That Supports Up To 2TB StorageReuters

LG has unveiled a new type of smartphone batteries, which come in different shapes and will also include flexible models.

LG Chem, a leading battery manufacturer for LG products, announced the arrival of next generation batteries on 8 October. This development is the first of its kind and the new batteries will be available in three types: curved, stepped and cable.

According to Cnet, LG Chem has patented a "stack and folding" technology, which is necessary for getting the batteries to power a curved or flexible screen. The curved batteries will easily fit in smartphones, watches and smart glasses.

The stepped models are made of two batteries that are joined together in a step-like design. They are modelled in such a way that they can fit into small spaces, which is not possible for the regular, rectangular batteries.

The capacity of this battery has also been increased by 16 percent, giving it a longer life. LG Chem also revealed that they have been working on other stepped batteries that include three or four step designs.

Meanwhile, the cable battery will be the most advanced, among the three newly launched models. This battery will bend in any way and can also be tied into a knot. This model will require low electricity and will not overheat and are water-resistant.

LG recently announced its curved-display smartphone known as G Flex. But rival Samsung is giving them a tough competition as the company has already unveiled its bendable smartphone called Galaxy Round.

Flexible or bendable displays will have an edge in the electronic world, as they will not be easily broken.

LG Chem further added in the release that the company has already started to work on the mass production of the curve and stepped batteries and they will soon be available to consumers.

The stepped batteries are lined up to power LG's newly launched G2 smartphone and the curved batteries will be used in LG's next lineup of smartphones. The production of cable batteries has not started yet, but is expected to commence soon.