Android Wear 5.1.1 Rollout Begins: Wi-Fi Support, Screen Lock, Emoji Drawing And More [How To Install]
Android Wear 5.1.1 Rollout Begins: Wi-Fi Support, Screen Lock, Emoji Drawing And More [How To Install]LG Newsroom

LG is looking to turn things around in its favor by taking some extreme steps. At the CES 2015, LG showcased its wearable integrated with Audi's sophisticated in-car systems. But the LG smartwatch looked different than the usual G Watch R, raising questions and rumours.

Android Central was quick to point out that the smartwatch shown at the event was different than its Android Wear counterpart. After digging deeper, LG confirmed that the LG watch made for Audi was running a version of Android Wear. Furthermore, the Korean tech giant revealed plans of working on its own wearable platform based on Open webOS.

WebOS was originally developed by Palm and was launched into the market as the base operating system for Pre smartphone in 2009. Hewlett Packard bought Palm but did not really nurture the webOS platform. It was open sourced in 2012 and LG bought the software from HP a year later. Since then LG has integrated the OS into several products like televisions and has plans to bring it to home appliances, Wall Street Journal reports.

Folks at Android Central got a closer look at the prototype webOS-based smartwatch. The interface is classy and simple. One touch brought a list of apps in the same style as LG's GUI. The smartwatch can be independently used without a paired smartphone or Wi-Fi. Several apps for messaging, music, calendar, email, LG Health W and dialer were available, according to the report.

The new LG smartwatch looks strikingly similar to the LG Watch R with few tweaks. There are three side buttons, stainless steel and sapphire crystal. Almost everything but the official name of the smartwatch was revealed at the event. But Audi is referring to the watch as LG W, which is clearly not the final name for the device. Consumer release of the LG W was not revealed but there are hints of the first webOS smartwatch to be released in 2016.