LG rolled out their roadmap on future technology
LG rolled out their roadmap on future technologyLG

LG has always been an innovative company in the display segment.

With several inventions on the display, LG rolled out a circular Smartwatch named LG G Watch R last month. Apart from its design factor, the LG smartwatch sports such a thing, which others do not, a plastic made OLED screen, made of plastic substrates. This glass substitute can be curved up to a certain angle and less breakable in comparison with glass. The POLED are also very thinner and lighter, hence a series of future products including smartphones may see featuring this display technology.

The Korean Electronics manufacturer has recently unveiled a roadmap on their future plans explaining the areas the company will focus into. Speaking further, they explained that the POLED displays might open a new spectrum for the gadget world. Keeping pace with the current innovation trends, we may see a smartphone with bending ability.

Significantly, LG has already showcased a high end phone with bending ability. The LG G Flex was not only one of the best flagship devices for its configuration, rather it featured a display, which they tested by putting down the phone and applying pressure on it without causing any damage on the screen.

Contextually, the LG G watch R can also resist a lot of pressure without causing damage on the screen.

LG explained that if everything goes well, this display will be used in mobile phones, monitors, TV, cars, wearable's and even as a part of interior decoration.

Apparently, LG has also mentioned to implement POLED display on the smartphones and to launch it by 2015 and following this they will also release a tablet by 2015-2016. They are also hopeful about bringing up products like foldable notebook, rollable tablets and TVs. LG is quite optimistic about POLED's implementation on making navigation system for automotive markets.