South Korean consumer electronics major LG on Monday released a portable mini-photo printer calle PD233 in India.

The new portable palm-sized LG PD233 printer produces high-resolution 2x3-inch photos with 313 dpi (dots per inch) in 45 seconds. The device can churn out a maximum of 25 pieces when fully charged.

Another striking feature of the device is that the user does not need to worry about spending money on expensive ink cartridges as it employs ZINK (Zero INK) technology wherein the photo sheets come with pre-included ink. The ZINK photo sheets attain colours through heating process inside the LG printer. (Different colours on the photo will be achieved by varying temperature and heating rates inside printer).  

The printer is compatible with Apple iPhones and iPads as well as Android phones. Users just have to download LG Pocket Photo app at respective online stores and after installing software. They can transfer pictures to the printer via Bluetooth as well as NFC mode.

LG pocket photo printer PD233 is now reported to be available across India with a price-tag of ₹14,990.

Key Specifications of LG pocket photo printer PD233:

Model LG Pocket Photo Printer PD233
Paper print resolution 313 dpi (dots per inch)
Speed 45 seconds/photo
Max printing in one charge 25 pieces (if fully charged)
Battery Li-Polymer (7.4V, 500mA),charging time takes 1 hour 30 minutes
Device support iOS Mobiles, Android phones, iOS PAD, Bluetooth, NFC
Key  features QR (Quick Response) code integration, photo card, partition picture frame, filter, D-day
Photo-size 2.0-inch x 3.0-inch (313 dpi)
Paper type ZINK photo paper comes with pre-included ink on it, thereby eliminating the need of ink cartridges for the printer
Dimensions 120.9 x 72.4 x 24.0 mm
Weight 212 g
Price ₹14,990/-