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In the age of Apples and Samsungs, it's often easy to get lost if you aren't maintaining as great a standard as these two heavyweights. Hence, even if you often see new and persistent companies raise their heads occasionally with a new phone release, most fans feel a sense of safety if their phone have either of the two tags.

Nonetheless, smartphone companies have kept the faith and are moving head fast into the competition with their own worthy handsets to offer. And since rumours are the fuel that turns this ever moving smartphone juggernaut, we have more new stuff to contemplate on with news of the rumoured LG G4 just hitting.

After the somewhat successful release of quite the brilliant LG G3, it seems like all eyes are now set on a worthy successor to the handset. And accordingly, the LG G4 has been touted for quite some time now, with more details on the phone arriving only recently.

While rumours have been piling up for the LG G4, a new revelation for the same points at an uber-Quad HD display, apparently a handset with 3K display support. This means that the LG G4, compared to the G3, could take the pixel-rich Quad HD display up a notch. LG G3, in comparison, was made available with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels.

A brand new leak for the handset has shown an LG device with an intensely massive display resolution that stands at 1620 x 2880 pixels. In fact, reports also claim that the smartphone in contention might eventually offer the most pixel-rich display in the market. If true, this can only mean more headache for Samsung and Apple.

Arriving with a model number LG-VS999, the device, as of now, is said to be a Verizon-locked version of LG's upcoming flagship. "As a refresher, Verizon's LG G3 rolls under the LG-VS985 model number, which further fuels the rumors that the LG-VS999 is, in fact, an upcoming high-end LG phone," carefully points out PhoneArena.

Although the User Agent Profile in question doesn't necessarily reveal the actual size of the display (introductory pixel measurement out of the question), predictions for the same point to the fact that the pixel density for the handset will be set up at roughly 600ppi, which is quite impressive.

"If the device comes with, say, a larger 5.7-inch display, its pixel density will stand at 579ppi, which is was higher than any other 5.7-incher currently available on the market," the report further adds.

For the moment, there's absolutely no surety on whether we are indeed dealing with the upcoming G4, but more details are expected emerge in the not so distant future. Stay tuned for more updates!