LG G3LG Press Kit

The recently unveiled LG G3 has received massive response from tech critics and fans alike, for its improved design, high resolution display and the use of innovative laser focus technology in the camera.

Though the G3 keeps the design language of its predecessor, it does exude a refined and elegant look, with a metal finish-like surface. The company has also incorporated some big upgrades in terms of internal hardware as well.

Here is a brief description of the top value-added features in G3:

Ergonomic design: The new LG G3 keeps the G2's design language but the foot print of the phone's display has been raised to 5.5-inch from 5.2-inch, and its curved back makes the phone comfortably fit in hand.

The phone might give a false sense of metal casing if viewed from far, but in reality, the device flaunts faux metal, the company claims it to be the polished metal case but it in fact the device's rear case is made of hard, good quality plastic, which comes with the anti-scratch and fingerprint-resistant material coating. Despite the phone's big size, it measures just 8.9-mm thickness.

Quad HD (aka 2K) resolution display: There are hardly less than a handful (all Chinese) of handsets in the market which boasts a 2K resolution (2560x1440p) screen but LG is the first tier-1 brand in the handset industry to launch LG with QHD display. It sports a 5.5-inch display with a staggering pixel density of 538 ppi (pixels per inch).

Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU: G3 comes loaded with a super fast 2.5Ghz Snapdragon quad-core processor manufactured by the industry leader Qualcomm. The phone is backed by sumptuous 2GB/3GB RAM and 16GB/32GB memory. With this the new LG phone stands even with popular Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One (M8) and Sony Xperia Z2. 

Latest Android OS: LG G3 ships with the Android's v4.4.2 KitKat (new v4.4.3 is likely to be released immediately once the phone hits the markets) OS out-of-the-box. the new OS comes with more polished design, improved performance, and new features such as

High-capacity battery: Many would be concerned of G3 for having the battery capacity to just 3000mAh, despite incorporating the power guzzling QHD screen but LG dispels the apprehension. The phone's battery boasts the advanced optimization technologies to maximize battery efficiency and life expectancy, thanks to LG's chemical engineers who replaced the metal in the battery cathode with graphite.

Laser-powered camera: One of the main USP of the new LG G3 is the laser based auto-focus feature in camera; no other smartphone in the market boasts this.

For the uninitiated, this kind of auto-focus sensor is usually found in expensive cameras as 'Hologram Auto-Focus Laser'; Camera's assist-lamp projects visible light (or IR - infrared light) on to the subject, which the camera's autofocus system uses to achieve focus in very less time compared to conventional smartphone cameras.

Specifications wise, it packs a 13.0-megapixel camera with OIS+ (Optical Image Stabilization Plus) and other standard features and on the front, LG phone houses 2.1-megapixel camera, more than enough to get good quality selfie as well as hight resolution video chatting.

Knock Code Screen unlocking feature: this feature is very to unique to LG devices; it is LG's proprietary secured screen un-locking system technology; where-in device users can wake the phone's display just by tapping on the screen using more than 86,000 combinations. The knock pattern can be entered on any part of the screen's surface, whether the display is turned on or off - using anywhere from two to eight taps.

The company claims that this innovative Knock Code is safer and more user-friendly than the password based phone unlocking as it rules out the possibility of the pin-code theft and the phone's screen is also more responsive compared to bio-recognition locking system, which are much susceptible to variations in the environment like sweat, dust etc..

Smart Apps: The new LG G3 comes with new intuitive applications to further enrich the user-experience.

  • Smart Keyboard: This technology enables the phone to understand the user's typing habits and in over time Smart Keyboard reduces the input errors by intuitively "knowing" what word the user intended to type. The height of the keyboard can also be adjusted to better fit the user's hands and position of the thumbs and users can customize placement of frequently used for easy acces.
  • Smart Notice: This feature is more Like the 'Google Now' a personal assistant, which recommends suggestion, like suggesting users to take umbrella by refer temperature and weather data from internet For example, instead of just displaying today's temperature and weather forecast, Smart Notice will make a recommendation such as, "You may want to take an umbrella today since it will rain this evening".
  • Smart Security: Besides, innovative Knock Code features, LG G3 also boasts a couple of smart security features - Content Lock and Kill Switch, the first feature enables users to lock individual folder in the smartphone for access to a guest user and the second features enables users to remote destruct the phone. Users can wipe out the data in the phone and disable the functioning of the phone in an event of device theft.

Wireless Charging: The new LG G3 back-panel has been optimized to power the battery, via wireless charging.

LG G3 Accessories: The company is offering a collection of new premium accessories to enhance the LG G3's user experience:

  • QuickCircle™ Case: This flipcover case is developed exclusively for LG G3. It helps users get easy access to frequently used functions such as calling, text messaging, music and camera all from the QuickCircle window without opening the cover. Besides, QuickCircle cover Case, LG will be offering a lineup of Slim Guard Cases and premium Slim Hard Cases.
  • LG Tone Infinim™ (HBS-900): This Bluetooth-based stereo headphone is developed in parntership with Harman/Kardon. It comes with retractable wire management technology and jog buttons for easy search, and also boasts Name Alert feature, which will verbally notify the user about who is calling before you answer.
  • Wireless Charger: The company, in its bid make the G3 more portable, has come with proprietary wireless charger with Qi's wireless power charging technology.

Key Specifications of LG G3

Model LG G3
Display 5.5-inch Quad HD (aka 2K; 2560x1440p) IPS displayPixel density: 538 ppi (pixels per inch)
OS Android v4.4.2 KitKat
Processor 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 series quad-core CPU
GPU Adreno 330
Storage capacity 16GB/32GB eMMC variants with options for expansion up to 128GB
Camera Main: 13.0-megapixel camera with OIS+ (Optical Image Stabilization Plus) and laser based auto-focus.Front: 2.1-megapixel front camera with enhanced selfie mode feature
Battery 3,000 mAh (removable)
Network 3G & LTE
Add-ons USB v2.0, Bluetooth Smart Ready (Apt-X), NFC, Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac), microSD card slot, Smart Keyboard, Smart Notice, Knock Code, Guest mode
Dimensions 146.3 x 74.6 x 8.9 mm
Weight 149 g
Colors Metallic Black, Silk White, Shine Gold, Moon Violet, Burgundy Red