Lewis Hamilton has been dominating the Formula One Circuit for the last couple of years, and, according to the Mercedes driver's father, Anthony Hamilton, his son has the ability to continue along the same lines for another decade.

The British driver has emerged triumphant in the last two F1 seasons, beating teammate Nico Roseberg and other rivals such as Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso. Hamilton made his debut in a McLaren car in 2007 and immediately hogged the spotlight the following season, winning his maiden F1 title.

However, following that title run, wins and championships dried up for Hamilton, as Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull dominated Formula One.

Hamilton, though, got a new lease of life in 2013, when he changed his team and signed with Mercedes. Hamilton went on to win back-to-back titles in 2014 and 2015 with Mercedes.

"He is only going to get better, he is only going to get stronger. He has another seven to 10 years left in the sport and he is extremely competitive. He is still young so he has quite a few left in him," Anthony Hamilton was quoted as saying by Sky Sports.

Last season, he was at his menacing best, winning the driver's title with three races to spare. The British driver won an incredible 10 out of the 19 races last season. It was not only Hamilton, who was impressive, but also Rosberg, his closet challenger, who won six races.

Such dominance of Mercedes just shows that they have a fantastic team along with top-class drivers and an amazing car. If other teams fail to come up with an improved car in 2016, Mercedes will again stand tall.

"If they were all in the same level car it would be fantastic. What Lewis doesn't want to do is run away with it and just win races because the others cars aren't up to scratch or the other teams are struggling. He wants everyone to be at the same level and he wants to win on merit," Anthony said.

"He's winning on merit because he's in the best team and is doing the best job, but he would like to see other people compete and have to struggle for a win."

Though the 2016 Formula One championship will only start in March 20 with the Australian Grand Prix, Hamilton is set to start the year as the favourite to defend his F1 title.