Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton of BritainReuters

Formula 1 racer Lewis Hamilton has once again attracted the wrath of Michael Schumacher fans, after he commented that the German's skiing accident happened for a reason.

Hamilton made the remark while addressing a press meet ahead of this weekend's Melbourne Grand Prix.

"He's a legend in the sport, you know, who has achieved so much, a very motivated individual," Hamilton said, according to reports.

"So I feel like all things happen for a reason, I think that this is an experience that will really show his character and depth and even more so than any other experiences he's had."

Schumacher met with the accident on 29 December, while skiing on the French Alps. Since then, he has been on a medically induced coma at the University of Grenoble hospital in France. Though the details about his medical condition are scarce, on Wednesday his family told the media that Schumacher has been showing small, encouraging signs of recovery.

Meanwhile, Schumacher fans are unhappy with Hamilton's comments, and many have called him out for being insensitive.

This is the second time Hamilton has been accused of being thoughtless about Schumacher's medical condition.

In January, Hamilton had posted a photo of him cross-country skiing without a helmet on his social networking site, and followed it up with a video of him performing a jump on a snowmobile.

This had landed him in trouble with Schumacher fans who pointed out that Hamilton's timing was wrong. Messages labeling Hamilton 'insensitive' flooded his social networking sites Twitter and Instagram.

"Very insensitive given a certain ex race driver's current condition in hospital," one user wrote.