Letv has entered India with a slew of new products to become more than just a smartphone-maker. The Chinese electronics and Internet titan's Indian debut follows recent Le Meetups in different cities around the country. On Tuesday, Letv introduced a new virtual reality (VR) headset, Bluetooth wireless headphones and an Internet-connected Super Cycle.

Letv's Super Cycle seems like an odd pairing, but it certainly helps the company's plans to not be identified as a brand that sells only smartphones, Hindustan Times quoted a company spokesperson as saying. As the company says, Letv Super Cycle isn't just any normal bicycle. It comes with advanced features. It has an integrated fingerprint scanner to prevent theft, built-in walkie talkie for communication, GPS for navigation, and Bluetooth to connect to your phone via an app that controls the bicycle.

In terms of design, Letv Super Cycle has an attractive appeal with sharp lines and a comforting look. Super Cycle features an 8,400mAh battery, which charges itself while cycling, and has different sensors to track and collect data of your activities. According to the Times of India, Letv will launch the Super Cycle online through e-commerce site lemall.com.

Letv also launched a VR headset aptly named Le 3D Helmet. The headset has its own display, measuring 5.5 inches, with stunning 2K resolution and a 70-degree field of view, giving you clear visuals from a preferable distance (15 metres). There is also a USB Type-C port and a 3.5mm headphone jack to connect your headphones.

"Le 3D Helmet is the perfect new technology for movie buffs and YouTubers alike. It supports all #SuperPhone models and 3D movies, and is completely integrated with Letv's full content library," Letv explained in a LeMe community thread.

Letv also launched a pair of beautifully designed LeMe Bluetooth headset, which the company claims to be the world's first teardrop-design headset. The headset has a built-in 195mAh battery and can deliver runtime of 10 hours with two hours of charge. The headset works in the 20-20,000MHz frequency and has a USB Type-B connector.

Letv did not reveal the pricing of any of its products, but is hosting another launch event on 20 January, where we expect the details to come out. At the upcoming event, Letv will launch its first smartphone in India, LeMax, the features of which we covered in our previous post.