"Lens," the brainchild of Tamil actor and director Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan, has amassed quite a few honours in the past few months. Now, the film is going international with a screening at Clam - Festival Internacional de Cinema Solidari.

A mirror into society's collective addiction to internet, "Lens" depicts an aspect of voyeurism and shows the contradictions in the protagonist's online and real-life persona. Radhakrishnan, who also plays the role of Aravind in the film, had told International Business Times, India in an interview around the time when "Lense" was to be released: "My point of view and what morality I stand for is what will be extended to the audiences through 'Lens'."

Radhakrishnan was recently honoured with the Gollapudi Srinivas National Award for debutant director and a best writer award at the Bioscobe Global film festival held at Delhi. Clam will be the first time "Lens" will be screened to an international audience outside India.

"The is the first screening of LENS in an international Festival. Being in competition should really open new doors for us to the World. Cinema does not have any language. The response from film buffs and critics have been amazing so far. LENS will be soon releasing in India. Really looking forward to the response of the general audience," Rashakrishnan says.

"Lens" is the only Indian film to be screened at the festival and it will be competing in the Secció Oficial A Concurs' (Official competition section in Catalan) against the following movies:

"Noi Siamo Francesco" (Italy)

" I Am Not From Barcelona" (Belgium/Spain)

"Hija de la Laguna" (Peru)

"The Surgery Ship" (Australia)

"Lolo Rico: The Look No invented" (Spain)