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Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan's movie "Lens" was released in 25 screens in Kerala on Friday, June 17, locking horns with Kerala State Best Film Award winning "Ozhivudivasathe Kali." The movie, directed and Jayaprakash, who also appears in the film, has been garnering positive response from the audience.

The low-budget movie initially hit headlines after filmmaker Lal Jose decided to distribute the film in Kerala under his production banner LJ Films Pvt. Ltd. Calling it a movie that is must watch for the generation, who spend quite a lot of time in the online world these days, Lal Jose was all praise for the film.

Many filmmakers including Vineeth Sreenivasan, Rohini, Jayendra Panchapakesan, Singeetam Srinivasa Rao, Thiagarajan Kumararaja and Balaji Tharaneetharan, have appreciated the makers for delivering a positive and relevant message to the audience through the multi-lingual flick. Critics and audience have been tagging it as the best thriller movies in recent times.

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Check out what audience and critics have to say about the movie "Lens:"

Akhil Sasidharan 

Jayaprakash sir you are not just a brillant director and natural actor, but you are an awesome writer too. Just mind blowing script...so real...so intense.... LENS offer some incredible perfromances....flawless acting by the actors.... Especially Anand sir you just blew us away and your co actor the one who portaryed the role of 'Angel' I don't know her name......oh my her performance...simply exquisite...such exceptional emotions...I swear ma'am your performance brought tears in me...miles to go ma'am ! :)

This film is just raw life, so contemporary and thought provoking....reflects the dark and evil shades of life..... Laljose sir....you are the man....respect...respect and respect for being the catalyst for such talents.... :) I watched the movie in Lulu PVR Cinemas and yeah there weren't much people I should say....but all the audeince ever so engaged into thefilm....as there happened an interesting incident for me...a person who was siiting on the other row ran towards me as he was so enthralled by the movie, but almost 90% of the movie is dealt in English...he was unable to follow few things, which he clarified by enquiring me.... :)

And after the movie ended the limited audience who turned up, applauded with respect for this wonderful. What I witnessed then was the real success of a film, goosebumpes ran over me from head to toe..... :) I must say.. guys and ladies...please...please...go watch...support promote such incredible creations made not from money and stardom...but from pure talent, blood, tears.... :)

Paul Varghese

Just Watched Movie "LENS" ... Entered Into Cinema Hall With The Trust In Brand "LJ Films"...One Of The Most Brilliant Movie Of Recent Times With A Social Relevant Theme... Hatts Off To The Man Behind This Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan Writer/Director/Producer/Actor For This... Must Watch For All N Pls Donn Make This Another Torrent Blockbuster... Congrats Lal Jose Sir For Supporting These New Attempts...!!!

Seejo Pkd

LENS ... superbly written socially relevant haunting experience... a warning to all those who shoots n upload d secret sex videos.. n movieslaps those who were moral beings before d society but sexually slaves in d dark...Dont miss it...hats of to d directr writer n actor jayaprakash who done all his parts superbly....

Vishnu Udayan

Lens is one hell of a movie. One of the reasons why cinema is such a powerful medium. It moves even the cold blooded human beings. It is so deep that you wish the film is not just 1 hour and 48 minutes. We all enjoy victimizing people but what if we become the victims? 

The actor who played 'Yohan' is one of the best actors I have seen recently. His precise dialogue deliveries, his character mannerisms and the expressions, phew. What a raw talent! The important of silence in a film cannot be shown better than this. Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan, take a bow sir. You are unbelievably brilliant with the frames and to the point dialogues.

Thank you LJ Films for taking up this film. You deserve equal credits.

The theater hardly had 30-35 people in but nobody forgot to stand up in ovation at the end. This film is JUST NOT TO BE MISSED at any cost. Lens could be a history. Watch paying at the theater, not to the ISP.

Dinkar Sasi

'Lens' A must watch. Best movie of the year. Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan you made a mark in the film industry. Cheers to 'team Lens'

Sivas Ramar

Awesome movie. Must watch for the online friends. The Movie is loosely based the suicide of Amanda Todd which shook the internet a couple of years ago.And mainly says about the cyberbullying which all of us should know. A Very Bold and Brave Attempt in South indian film industry by Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan ettan. Thank you lal jose sir for distributing. :) #‎Lens FDFS. Please watch with your FRIENDS

Syam Kumar

absolutely fantastic. must watch for the keyboard warriors and netizens. the film shows the online depths about the banes of it. pls watch with your frnds...‪#‎lens.

Ginesh Thodangil

Saw film LENS...its a great work..superrr film to watch...well done my friend JP ..keep going...all d best..my luck was that i took the first ticket of the first show at Palakkad..and I stepped first into the theatre..great JP ..good film

 Movie Seeks

The story and premises in Lens oozes some freshness to it. A thriller with suspense element, the film breaks the conventional norm and follow a different pattern for narrating the story. A haunting feel is there throughout and the film makes up for a compelling watch, thanks to its lively screenplay and beautiful execution staying sincere to the story and its presentation. The film has taken utmost care on the technical front with excellent camera work. The incidents unfold in a single room of an apartment and the cameraman has done his part making the visuals look totally apt. Nice background score and sound effects also is another highlight. Whoever has done the sound design also deserves a pat on his back. I am not familiar with the actors who all are new faces.