Lenovo ZUK Z1 successor-ZUK Z2 Pro coming this month
[Representational Image] Lenovo’s ZUK reveals Android Nougat release schedule for Z2 Pro, Z1 series. In Picture: Lenovo ZUK Z1ZUK Press Kit

Lenovo-owned online-only brand ZUK, which is racing against time to release Android Nougat to the flagship Z2 before the end of December, is planning to roll-out Google's latest mobile OS update to two more devices next year.

ZUK has confirmed the release of the public version of Android Nougat to the Z2 Pro on January 28 and will also initiate beta testing on the former marquee phone Z1 series in the same month, GizChina reported.

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Though the roll-out of Nougat update to the Z2 Pro doesn't surprise us -- it is the company's latest device to hit the market -- what intrigues us is the company's plans for the Z1 series.

ZUK Z1 houses an out-dated Snapdragon 801 processor and is not compatible with Nougat's graphics-related Vulcan API. Rival brands such as Sony and OnePlus, among others, too disbanded their plan to release the update to their Snapdragon 801-powered devices, citing the same hardware limitation reason.

It is to be noted that if the companies had asked Qualcomm to release the graphic driver for Snapdragon 801 series, it would have obliged the request but no firm came forward, as the devices were more than 18 months old in the market and they were no longer obliged to provide software support.

But ZUK's announcement to beta test the Z1 series with Android Nougat makes us believe that the company, in a bid to build brand loyalty, might have procured necessary graphics firmware from Qualcomm.

It remains to be seen whether ZUK will really be able to roll-out Nougat to Z1 series, as beta testing doesn't necessarily guarantee public roll-out.

Lenovo's ZUK reveals Android Nougat release schedule for Z2 Pro, Z1 series
Lenovo's ZUK reveals Android Nougat release schedule for Z2 Pro, Z1 seriesGizChina (screen-shot)

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