After smartphones, the rage among tech-buffs is going to be the much-hyped wearable devices. A few reports have predicted that smartwatch sales may boom in 2015 and earn millions for the device manufacturers.

Following this, other mobile manufacturers, too, started running after smartwatches, adding new products to their profile. Joining this club, Lenovo has unveiled their first-ever wearable device.

Lenovo Smartband SW-B100
Lenovo Smartband SW-B100Lenovo

Tagging this as a fitness device, Lenovo Smartband SW-B100 is yet to be launched officially. But they have rolled out a new product page mentioning the specifications and features.

Lenovo explained the product on the page that, "The Lenovo Smartband is for young people who take care of their personal health and are interested in new tech trend products. It allows you to track daily exercise, sleep and heart rate, customise notifications to improve both work and life efficiency and automatically log in on a PC without entering a password."

Offering plenty of features, this device will come with a small display and attractive range of colour bands.

Compatible with Android and iOS, this device will allow you to track your fitness level using a companion app. The app will count your steps, distance covered, calories burnt and heart rate with a capability of generating daily, weekly and monthly reports. It will also track your quality of sleep.

The Smartband SW-B100 will track information sharing besides showing missed calls, text messages and calendar appointments of your smartphone.

The device will require Android 4.3 for pairing up with Android smartphones. Similarly, it requires Apple iPhone devices with iOS 7.1 for compatibility.

Lenovo is yet to announce the availability and pricing details of Smartband SW-B100.