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With smartphones getting bigger and tablets too cumbersome to use, Lenovo seems to be on the verge of something innovative. The device-maker has unveiled a pair of flexible devices — the C Plus smartphone and the Folio tablet.

Lenovo showed off a lot of devices at its Tech World event. Besides the new Project Tango device, the Phab 2 Pro and the Moto Z and the Z Force smartphones, the company also unveiled a couple of flexible prototypes it's been working on. While the C Plus smartphone can be bent and worn around the wrist, the Folio tablet can be folded in half and used like a smartphone.

The C Plus and the Folio concepts were to show off the progress the company has made in bendable electronics. The devices feature not only flexible screens but also bendable motherboards, batteries and more, Lenovo SVP and CTO Peter Hortensius told the audience.

While Mashable reported that the company didn't reveal any names at the event, a statement issued by the company did. Both devices feature substantial bezels.

Lenovo hasn't said anything about when the devices could hit the markets, but Bloomberg reported that Samsung has been working on flexible devices that could be in stores next year.

According to the report, Samsung may bring two new devices, out of which one is supposed to fold in half like a compact. The other device, according to the report, will have a five-inch screen that can be unfurled to convert the device into an eight-inch tablet.