Lenovo K4 Note VR bundle on sale again after the company sold 500,000 smartphones since January
Lenovo K4 Note VR bundle on sale again after the company sold 500,000 smartphones since JanuaryLenovo Press


5:20 pm: As expected, the Lenovo K4 Note VR Bundle was sold out in a fraction of a second. The company is yet to reveal how many units were sold in today's flash sale. Registrations for the next VR Bundle flash sale on 2 February at 2 pm are open now. Lenovo K4 Note without AntVR Glass will be available on Wednesday at 2 pm exclusively on Amazon India.

Original Story

The Lenovo K4 Note VR bundle goes on sale on Amazon India at 2 pm on Tuesday. Only registered buyers will be able to participate in the upcoming flash sale, which requires some special tricks to buy the smartphone along with the AntVR headset for Rs 12,499.

Lenovo K4 Note costs Rs 11,998 and the AntVR Glass is priced at Rs 1,299. If the buyer chooses to buy the VR bundle, the total comes down to Rs 12,499, saving customers nearly Rs 800. It is important that registered buyers add both the K4 Note and the AntVR headset to the cart to avail the offer.

Demand for the K4 Note smartphone has been overwhelming, and customers are racing to purchase the handset. The China-based smartphone maker sold 10,000 VR Bundles in less than a second and 60,000 K4 Note smartphones in a flash last week. The upcoming VR bundle flash sale is expected to have a similar demand, so prospective customers are advised to follow some steps to stay ahead of the game.

Tips to add Lenovo K4 Note Ant VR Bundle during Amazon flash sale

Step 1: Log in to your Amazon.in account a few minutes before the sale begins. The VR Bundle flash sale begins at 2 pm.

Step 2: Save your payment details for a quick checkout.

Step 3: Add AntVR Glass to your cart before or after adding the K4 Note to your cart.

Step 4: When the Lenovo K4 Note flash sale begins at 2 pm, quickly add the device to cart and proceed to checkout.

Step 5: Checkout within 15 minutes or the cart will be emptied.

Step 6: If you fail to add K4 Note to cart, join a Waitlist. This helps when another buyer fails to check out within 15 minutes.

Step 7: If you are in Waitlist, you will have three minutes to add the smartphone to your cart and 15 minutes to check out. Refresh the page every minute to make sure it is updated.

Step 8: Discount for the VR Bundle will be applied during the final checkout.

If buyers do not wish to buy the AntVR Glass, Lenovo will host another sale just for the K4 Note smartphone on Wednesday at 2 pm. Registered buyers are advised to follow the same instructions to buy the K4 Note in the next sale.